2022 Newest: 10 Best Vertical Feed Mixers for Livestock and How to Choose the Right One

If you’re a farmer or livestock owner, then you know the importance of a good vertical feed mixer. Not only do they make feeding your animals easier and more efficient, but they also help to keep your animals healthy. In this article, we will discuss the 10 best feed mixers for livestock and how to choose the right one for your needs. We will also analyse and summarise each of the 10 suppliers listed.

The importance of a good feed mixer:

A good feed mixer is essential for any farmer or livestock owner. They make feeding your animals easier and more efficient, and they also help to keep your animals healthy. In fact, a good feed mixer can even improve the quality of your livestock’s meat and milk.

The 10 best feed mixers for livestock:

Here are the ten best feed mixers for livestock, based on our analysis:


vertical screw mixer

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): China

Year Established: 2005

In addition to meeting the application scenarios of the plastics industry, Nesham Machinery has accumulated extensive manufacturing experience for the production and manufacture of agricultural machinery such as mixers, storage tanks, etc.

Products & Solutions Offered

  • Industrial mixer
  • Vertical mixer
  • Horizontal mixer
  • Drum mixers
  • Conveyors
  • Plastic shredder
  • Centrifugal dryer
  • Vibratory screener

– Vermeer

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): USA

Year Established: 1948

Vermeer is an American manufacturer of farm equipment with a rich history dating back to 1948. They produce a wide range of agricultural equipment, including feed mixers.

– NDEco

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): USA

Year Established: 1998

NDEco, a Hi-Tec Group company, has been a supplier of vertical feed mixers in the livestock industry for over 20 years, through our worldwide dealer network and offices located in US and Canada. We pride ourselves in producing equipment that has proven to benefit producers all over the world. 

– DuraTech Industries International

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): Sweden

Year Established: 1966

In the late 1980s, as the need for recycling and composting emerged and the demand for industrial drum mills increased, HAYBUSTER focused its innovative expertise on developing an industrial range. As a result, with over thirty years of experience in the manufacture of drum mills, HAYBUSTER expanded into the industrial market with its more stringent and demanding products . Today, the industrial product line (DuraTech) includes a full line of heavy duty industrial drum and horizontal grinders ranging from 9ft – 325hp drum grinders to 12ft – 860hp drum grinders with grapple loaders, with the introduction of a new model; the 950hp 9564 horizontal grinder. A wide range of customisation options are also available to meet unique customer requirements.

– H&S Manufacturing

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): USA

Year Established: 1987

H&S Manufacturing is a family-owned business that has been manufacturing agricultural equipment for over 30 years. They produce a wide range of feed mixers, as well as other agricultural equipment.

– Jaylor 

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): USA

Year Established:1993

Jaylor Single Auger TMR mixers are available in a variety of configurations with capacities ranging from 350 to 575 cubic feet. They are ideal for feeding small to medium sized dairy and heifer operations, medium sized beef feedlots and especially back office and planting operations. Each is an industry leader in its category for quickly baling round or square baled hay and/or baling into sortable uniform rations that resist sorting. All of these mixers come standard with the patented Jaylor auger and a full range of innovations, warranties and a full range of options to create your tailor-made feeding solution.

– Patz

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): USA

Year Established: 1948

Patz has developed a wide variety of feed and manure handling products—TMR Feed Mixers, Silo Unloaders, Bale/Bedding Choppers, Conveyors, Feeders, Manure Pumps, and Scraper Systems —all designed to save time and increase efficiency for our valued customers.

Known for farm and industrial material handling equipment, Patz equipment is sold through a network of dealers, distributors, and original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

– Roto-Mix

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): USA

Year Established: 1984

Roto-Mix is a manufacturer and supplier of agricultural equipment, including feed mixers. They produce a wide variety of mixers to meet the needs of any livestock operation, from small hobby farms to large commercial dairies.

– Premier Tech

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): Canada

Year Established: 1923

Premier Tech, a company that specializes in mixing equipment for the substrate and wood processing sectors, is located in Lelystad, Netherlands. The Slootweg brand includes liquid fertiliser and wetting agent spraying systems, volumetric and weighing feeders, hoppers, mixers of various types, bulk conveyors, and much more.

– Ross Manufacturing

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): Germany

Year Established: 1956

Ross Manufacturing has been in business since 1956. In 1952 D. W. (Dick) Ross retired from the pipe line business in Texas to return to West Tennessee where he was born and raised, because he wanted to become a farmer. In 1956, after seeing the necessity of an on the farm feed mill, Ross Manufacturing was founded. In the early years, D. W. Ross would travel from West Tennessee to Nebraska and all the way to the south and east coasts, to sell and install complete feed mill systems. He would manufacture the feed mills, and buy the augers and bucket elevators to complete the systems. After fabrication, the employees of Ross Manufacturing would deliver the equipment and then become the millwright.

How does the vertical feed mixer work and what equipment needs to cooperate with it?

The vertical feed mixer is a piece of agricultural equipment that blends various types of feed together to create a homogeneous mixture. It is usually mounted on a trailer and towed behind a tractor. The mixer can be used to mix hay, straw, corn silage, soybean meal, and other types of feed. In order to use a vertical feed mixer, you will need a tractor with a three-point hitch, a trailer, and a PTO (power take-off) shaft.

Application of vertical feed mixers:

– Livestock feed mixer

– Feed mixer for poultry

– Pig feed mixer

– Animal feed mixer

– Poultry feed mixer

– Mixer for cattle feed

When to use a vertical and when to use a horizontal mixer for feed mixing?

The choice between a vertical or horizontal feed mixer depends on the specific needs of your operation. If you need a mixer that can handle large volumes of feed, a horizontal design is probably best. If you are looking for something that can mix ingredients more evenly, a vertical mixer is the better option.

How to maintain your vertical feed mixer?

Proper maintenance is essential for keeping your vertical feed mixer running smoothly. Be sure to clean the machine regularly and check all bearings, belts, and gears for wear and tear. If any parts are damaged, replace them immediately to avoid further damage.

Which stainless steel should be used for the vertical feed mixers?

304 or 316 stainless steel can be used for the construction of vertical feed mixers, depending on your needs. 304 stainless steel is less expensive and more corrosion-resistant, while 316 stainless steel is more durable and has a higher resistance to heat and acid.


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