Plastic recycling machine

NICETY Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Zibo City, Shandong Province. Founded in 2005, engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of equipment professional plastic machinery manufacturers, under the two subsidiaries; and sub-brands (NICETY).

NICETY Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd. As a general taxpayer enterprise, we are professional engaged in research, development, design, production and sales maintenance services as one of the wholly-owned enterprises. Over the years continue to innovate and improve, combined with the advantages of various types plastic machinery according to customer views designed products won majority recognition and praise from customers.


Our plastic machinery mainly includes: mass production extrusion pelletizing, injection molding supporting production lines, vertical blender (500KG-15 tons), horizontal blender (50KG-3 tons), dehydrator, pelletizer, all kinds of vibration screening machine, color powder beating machine, water ring wind ring die head pelletizer, automatic screw feeder, pulling bar suction machine, storage hopper, water tank, crusher, vertical and horizontal drying mixer and other series of products, each equipment is to promote the industry to high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, convenience and other aspects of the development of sharp tools.

The members of the staff of NICETY MACHINE are very rigorous with the reliability and the quality of the products.

For this reason, as a manufacturer of plastic machinery, our missions are:

Quality Assurance

To subject our products to quality assurance controls

Punctual delivery

To comply with the established delivery dates and the expected quality in each supply

Custom service

To offer a customized and value added service to our customers

Product design

To make further progress in the design and manufacture of our products.


International quality management system, obtained CE ISO 9001: 2008; ISO9001:2015 etc.

In addition, NICETY  is equipped with a perfect quality control system internally, and has established a multi-functional physical and chemical laboratory for continuous quality supervision, equipped with spectral analyzer, portable spectrometer (PMI), material testing machine, impact tester, hardness tester, tensile tester, thickness tester , magnetic particle tester and non-destructive testing equipment.

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