Z Type Bucket Elevator Conveyor

Z elevator Manufacturer

Often referred to as Z Type Bucket Elevator

The bucket elevator conveyor is a machine specially designed to lift and transfer materials. The whole machine has several small buckets for loading materials, which move with the buckets to complete the material transfer process.

Bucket Elevator Conveyor

Nicety is a manufacturer of plastic machinery in China. Bucket elevators are divided into inclined bucket elevators and Z elevators according to their shape.

Bucket Elevator Conveyor

Bucket Elevator Conveyor

Z Type Bucket Elevator Conveyor

z type bucket elevator


All You Need to Know About z elevator

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 Due to its small footprint, its ability to be combined with mechanical diversification and uninterrupted feeding, it has a very wide range of uses in the packaging industry

This article provides a guide to the Z bucket Elevator. It discusses applications, mechanisms, factors to consider when buying and the different types of bucket elevator conveyors available on the market. Finally, this guide will help you in your purchasing or use process with additional advice or recommendations.

What Are z elevator Used For?

The uninterrupted task of transferring material is achieved by using the movement of one loading hopper on the transfer machine.

The vertical construction and the customisable length of the feeding arms undoubtedly save more space in the production line. 

Usually widely used in the following industries:

  • Food industry
  • Agricultural crops
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Plastics chemicals
z bucket elevator

z elevator Parts


As a container for loading and transporting materials, it is made of stainless steel, strong and durable without corrosion. Each machine has dozens of these small hoppers. When the hopper reaches the outlet, the hopper is tilted to allow the material to fall, and when the hopper reaches the inlet, it returns to a horizontal state and proceeds to the next wave of transport.

Chain belt:

The hopper is attached to chain belt for transferring the hopper from the inlet to the outlet. The entire chain belt is circular and end-to-end. 

Metal body:

The Z Elevator is divided into three parts: the infeed length path, the transport height part and the outfeed length part. The length of each section can be customised to meet the requirements of different situations.

Electrical Control Box:

Adopt well-know brand, each function is clear at a glance. A variety of questions alarm function, the operation is more humane. With the motor overload protection function.

z bucket elevator

It is like the heart of the. Z elevator, providing energy source for the chain belt, using the famous factory motor and reducer, with high power and stable performance. 

How Do z elevator Work?

The Z elevator has a number of small hoppers for charging. They are attached to the conveyor belt and when each hopper is filled, it follows the conveyor belt from the inlet to the outlet. On arrival at the outlet, the hoppers are tilted to allow the material to fall, then the empty hoppers continues to move and, on arrival at the inlet, returns to a horizontal position and continues to be loaded, and so on.

Why Choose Z bucket elevator?

Vertical structure, more space-saving than the usual bucket elevator

The Z bucket elevator has a large conveying capacity, a high lifting height and reliable and stable operation. Discharge height and discharge width can be customised according to the use scenario

The Z bucket elevator can be designed as open or fully enclosed as required. Reduces powder contamination of the workshop or prevents dust from falling into the material

Z elevator do not cost much and last a long time. The minimalist structure is an important factor in the very low failure rate of Z elevator.

Considerations When Buying Z elevator

#1 Transport height and distance

Before ordering Z bucket elevator you need to consider the height that the Z elevator can lift and the length that needs to be conveyed. The right size can provide more space for your line while maintaining efficiency.

#2 capacity

Customise the hopper size and design the transfer efficiency of the machine to suit your needs. Typically our hoppers are made of food-grade polypropylene, have a capacity of 1.8 litres and a transport efficiency of 4-6 tonnes per hour

#3 Enclosed or not

If the material to be conveyed is in powder form or has high environmental requirements, we recommend that you order a closed Z bucket elevator, or you can save cost by choosing an open Z bucket elevator.

#5 body materials

Can be made of different materials according to your requirements, such as: A3 steel, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, etc.

z bucket elevator
#4 The entire production line system

The Z elevator is only one part of the equation. Considerations should include the requirements of the entire system. For example, location of discharge port, the purpose of the production system is related to the suitability of the material.

Types By Material

Which steel is the best materials for you to use to produce your Z Elevator?

201 stainless steel

Although the corrosion resistance of 201 stainless steel is not strong, but it still has good anti-corrosion properties, if your material is not strong corrosive, then the affordable 201 stainless steel will be the material of choice for the manufacture of Z Elevator

304 stainless steel

304 stainless steel is a common type of stainless steel in life, the household appliances you use and even the faucets may be made of 304 stainless steel. It has better corrosion resistance than 201 stainless steel

More Options

Depending on your use scenario, there are many options for steel. If your product is a very corrosive chemical, the more expensive 316 stainless steel is obviously more suitable, and although expensive, it is worth it.


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