plastic shredder machine

Plastic shredder

Often referred to as Plastic Granulators

Plastic shredder is a machine designed to tear and crush materials into particles or flakes of different sizes.

Unlike plastic crusher, shredders are designed for larger, harder plastic waste such as car bumpers, pipes, drums, plastic buckets and other items that are too large for the granulator.

Plastic shredder for different applications

Nicety Machinery‘s shredders can be customized according to customer requirements, such as: barrel shredder, silent shredder, pipe shredder, etc.

All you need to do is let us know what size & dimension of the waste need to be process, We will provide you the suitable crusher.

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Single shaft shredder machine

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plastic shredder machine

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All You Need to Know About Plastic shredder

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Plastic shredder is a machine specially created for shredding hard and huge materials, commonly used in the production line of plastic recycling industry. Common shredders are divided into single-shaft shredders and twin-shaft shredders according to the number of knife rolls.

Nicety Machinery provides a guide to shredder. Will advice applications, mechanisms, factors to consider when buying, and a range of issues such as when to choose a single-shaft shredder and when to choose a twin-shaft shredder.

What Are Plastic shredders Used For?

The blade of the shredder is made of alloy, which is resistant to high temperature and wear, and is suitable for crushing pipes, films, plastic bottles, and other plastic products. The shredder can also be improved to have the ability to crush other metals or wood according to demand. The crusher can be used for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to the following materials: 

  • Pipe Profiles
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Glass Products
  • PP/PE Film
  • Nylon
  • PET
  • Metal
  • Woods
  • Car Shell
plastic shredder

Plastic shredder Parts


The hopper is a device used to feed the material into the shredder. The size of the hopper determines the size of the material that can be shredded. It is usually divided into fixed hopper and mobile hopper. Mobile hoppers are more commonly used on shredders that crush and shred large size materials.

shredder hopper
Shredding Chamber:

As the place where the material is decomposed, there are rotating blades, fixed blades, screens and other accessories in the shredding chamber. 

Blades & Knives:

NICETY will recommend the prop style of shredder according to the material you need to shred. For example, block knives, counter knives, shredder blades for single-shaft shredders, rotor shears for twin-shaft/multi-shaft shredders, etc.

Twin-shaft crusher
Discharge Screen:

The screen fixed around the rotor defines the size of the material to be achieved (particle size). As a rule, the larger the holes, the coarser the chopped material. NICETY offers the following screen designs: Round hole, Honeycomb, Kidney, and Serrated/Zig-zag.

different discharge screener
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How Do Plastic shredder Work?

When the motor is connected to the dynamic blade rotation, and the cutting chamber of the fixed blade to form a relative movement, when the material into the cutting chamber, by gravity, the material through the gap between the rotating dynamic blade and the fixed blade can complete the material cutting and grinding.

Why Choose Plastic shredder?

Depending on the properties of the shred material, the shredder can be equipped with different rotors, screen, blade structures.

You only need to open the cover, you can do simple cleaning. Of course, in the process of cleaning, be sure to turn off the power to ensure safety.

Although the operating speed of the shredder is lower than the shredder, but the powerful torque of the shredder can tear the harder metal materials into pieces

The shredder can not only shred various plastic products, but also other materials such as wood, metal pieces, iron barrels, glass products, cartons, etc.

Considerations When Buying shredder

#1 What material to shred

The physical properties of the material have a huge impact on the selection of the right type of shredder and raw material for the knives.

Before providing a quotation, it would be helpful to inform NICETY’s sales staff what materials you need to be shredded to help us recommend the right shredder for you.

NICETY Shredder
#3 Sing or twin shaft shredder?

If you need to shred a wide variety of materials, a single-shaft shredder will do the job. If the materials you need to shred are hard materials or even hard metals, such as: wheels, metal parts, barrels, etc., a twin-shaft shredder is more suitable.

#5 blades materials

The choice of raw material for the tool is determined by the material to be crushed.

Nicety’s sales staff will recommend Cr12MoV, D2, DC53, SKD-11, etc. to you according to your needs.

#2 Size of the material to be shredded

We will customize the hopper size and shaft length according to the size of the material. The correct and suitable hopper size and bearing length will not only reduce the cost of the shredder, but also improve the shredding efficiency.

NICETY Shredder
#4 Mobile or fixed hopper?

Mobile hoppers and fixed hoppers are two different types of equipment. But their ultimate purpose is to work better with the shredder and improve the shredding efficiency.

The mobile hopper is suitable for crushing large pieces of materials.

Fixed hopper is suitable for crushing softer, smaller size materials

#6 The entire production line system

The shredder is only one part of the equation. Considerations should include the requirements of the entire system. For example, location of discharge port, the purpose of the production system is related to the suitability of the material.

Types By blade

Rotor shears
Rotor shears

The material will be filled into the shredding chamber through the hopper. Two shafts with rotor shears operate in opposite directions.

The material is caught in the middle of the rotor shears because of gravity. Due to the rotation of the rotor, the gap between each two corresponding rotor shears becomes narrower, thus completing the tearing.

Rotor shears are commonly used in twin-shaft shredder for shredding metal or hard materials

shredder blades/Knives

The shredder blades and knives are made up of rectangular squares with sharp edges and certain curvature.

They are fixed on the shaft in two-by-two correspondence.

The shredder blades are commonly used in single shaft shredder for shred various materials.

If the type of material you need to shred is quite mixed, using this blades will be perfect.

shredder blades

Types By shredder shaft

Single-shaft shredder

The single-shaft shredder has a wider range of applications than the twin-shaft shredder, and is suitable for shredding a wide range of materials.

The single-shaft shredder consists of a rotor with a hydraulic ram for pushing waste and scrap onto the rotor, thus enabling the cutting process.



twin-shaft shredder

Double shaft shredder is more practical for shred hard materials or metal materials.

The twin shaft shredder runs at a much lower speed. Single it has a more powerful shredding capacity. The material is in the middle of two bearings with knives, and as the bearings drive the blades to rotate in opposite directions, the hard material is crushed into fine pieces.


twin-shaft shredder

Types By blade's Material

Which steel is the best materials for you to use to produce your shredder?


9CrSi is alloy tool steel, this material has high hardness, good wear resistance, but brittle, suitable for rubber, fiber, paper and other soft materials shredder as the raw material for blades or knives.


SKD-11 is a cold work tool steel.With high wear resistance and high impact resistance. Is suitable for chopping wood and used furniture. High hardness plastics, etc.

Other alloy materials

Shredder tools can also be made from carburized and tool steels, but for some applications, steels such as chromium, molybdenum and manganese low alloy steels can also be used. For example: Cr12MoV, D2, DC53 etc.


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