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PP/PE PET Waste Washing Line

Plastic waste washing line

Plastic recycling machines are a collective name for a range of machines that can process waste plastic products into new plastic pellets or new plastic products.

The whole process is roughly divided into collecting, crushing, washing, melting, granulating and injection molding into new plastic products.

Chapter 1

Plastic recycling line can recycle different kinds of plastic products

Our solution features

Our recycling line reduce flakes impurities to 1% and moisture content to 0% by label remover, double rinsing, air separators and centrifugal driers.

Softly FIBC,PE/PP woven bag, film recycling line

Our solution features

Pre-washing equipment before crushing can remove more than 80% of the soil, sand and grains. Protects subsequent equipment and greatly extends the service life of the machine.

Hardly PP/PE Barrel recycling line

Our solution features

For hard plastics, our cutting machines increase the cutting impact to achieve the desired crushing effect. We also have an additional step to remove oil and dirt from plastics such as HDPE oil drums.

ABS/PS shell, WEEE plastic recycling line

Our solution features

For example, for plastics with metal or other impurities such as appliance or car shells, our recycling systems are equipped with bouncing sorters and electrostatic sorters to separate out the metal, rubber and other impurities to obtain a high purity plastic material.

PA or Nylon Fishing net recycling line

Our solution features

After several powerful scrubbing cycles in a high-speed stripping machine, shells, seaweed and other impurities are removed from the surface of the nylon mesh, thus providing clean material for the injection moulding process.

Crushing/shredding plastic to flakes to plastic pellets

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Plastic Drums

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Plastic Vehicle Parts

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Electrical Equipment

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NICETY plastic recycling machines can be used for HDPE bottles, plastic pipes, PP, PVC, PE film, plastic chemical drums, factory waste, pet and many other types of plastic waste. We provide quality recycling systems for the global plastic recycling industry

Chapter 2

Working Principle Process

The complete plastic recycling process consists of the following processes:
  • Unpacking :
    For a complete plastic recycling line, breaking up the bulk of compacted, packed plastic waste is the first step in the entire washing line. We usually use the Debaler Machine for this process.

  • Preliminary Screening:
    Plastic waste will move along a conveyor belt with a metal detector to the next process. Once metal fragments are detected, the conveyor belt will stop immediately to prevent damage to the equipment behind it.


  • Shredding / Crushing

    After a simple treatment, the waste plastics are transferred by a Screw Conveyor to the Plastic Crusher for crushing and shredding.

    Typically they are crushed into flakes of 12-18 mm size to meet your different PET flake usage scenarios.

  • Washing: 

    After crushing, the flakes will be further washed. They are transferred to the Float Sink Tank, where the PET sinks to the bottom of the float sink tank and is pushed by the screw to the next process.

    Durning this process, the flakes with lower density (e.g. PP, PE  flakes, PVC flakes) will float.

  • Drying: 
    Clean, washed plastic pellets or flakes materials with moisture removed by hot air.


  • Collect and Packaging:
    The collection and packaging of plastics is usually done with large volumes hoppers or packaging machine.
plastic washing line
plastic crushing line

Chapter 3

Successful projects & cases

plastic recycling machines

PET bottle recycling machine line — USA

pp/pe film recycling line

waste PP/PE film recycling line — Peru

waste plastic recycling line

waste Jumbo bag recycling line— Chile

As one of the leading supplier of plastics machinery in China, Nicety Machinery is committed to creating the perfect plastic recycling machines for our customers. We export to USA, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Australia, Malaysia, Europe and many other countries.

We have extensive experience and production expertise in all types of waste plastic recycling. If you are looking for plastic recycling solutions or customised machinery, please feel free to contact our sales staff by email

Chapter 4

Additional details

plastic washing line
plastic recycling machines
flakes collection silo
Rinsing tank
screw extruder
Wind fed silos
plastic recycling crusher machine

Chapter 5

Plastic washing machines you may need


plastic crushing line
  • Conveyor Belt

A conveyor belt with grooves is attached to the motor, allowing larger volumes to be transported to other equipment.

  1. With metal detector for metal detection, for protection of recycling lines
  2. The grooves provide additional friction to prevent slippage during transport.

Plastic Crusher

  • Soundproof Crusher Machine

Used to crush plastic waste into flakes. Mostly used in PET bottle recycling line. Customized shredder for 500kg/hr – 3000kg/hr according to customer line output.


plastic crusher


  • Single-shaft Shredder
    A shafted with many metal claw blades is built in, which, when rotated, works in conjunction with the fixed blades inside the shredder cutting plastic waste.
  • Double-shaft Shredder
    Cutting plastic material by means of two shafts with many metal claw blades. Usually used for “pre-cutting” large quantities of large or hard plastic material.

Drying system

Drying system
  • Drying and Collection Silo
    The thin plastic flakes with a small amount of moisture are dried through the drying unit, followed by further drying under wind transport through a drying duct of more than 20 meters long. It is then collected in the silo.

Washing Machine

  • Rinsing tank

     The purpose of the washing systems are to remove contaminants from waste plastic material, such as glue, grease, partial packaging labels or liquids.

    The whole system consists of label remover, shredder,  conveyors, rinsing tanks, centrifugal dryer, air separator Etc.

PET Floating Rinsing tank


  • Dewatering machine

    Dewatering machine is a kind of machine that uses centrifugal force to sieve the moisture from the material so as to dry it. 


  • Screw feeder

Screw Feeder is also called Screw Conveyor.

The internal spiral-like spindle can lift the material at a uniform speed during the rotation and transfer it to other equipment.

Chapter 6

Melting Extrusion Machines you may need

screw extruder

screw extruder
  • Melting Screw Extruder

Can be used for basic pelletizing of new plastic granules

  1. PP, PE, PET, ABS and other plastic recycling materials can be produced into new plastic granules by single screw extruder.
  2. PVC plastic recycling materials can produced into new plastic granules by twin screw extruder.


  • Granulator
    For cutting the extruded, cooled PP, PE, PET, ABS wire into pellets and granules.


  • Centrifugal Dryer
    Centrifugal dryer is a kind of machine that uses centrifugal force to sieve the moisture from the material so as to dry it. It is divided into vertical centrifugal dryer and horizontal centrifugal dryer

Screening machine

  • Vibratory Screener
    Vibratory screeners are machines that screen out materials of different sizes by means of vibrating screens, often used in the plastics recycling industry, and can also screen out materials of various sizes by adding a variety of different mesh screens.

Storage tank

  • Vibrating Screen And Storage Tank
    Consists of a vibrating screen, storage drum and conveying pipe fittings. Cleverly designed with vibrating screen, fan and storage barrel in one unit, mainly used for material screening and storage purposes.
Vibratory screening machines
  • Storage Tank For Plastic
    Mainly used for transit and storage of large quantities of recycled plastic, plastic pellets or other material.
Storage silo

Weighing & Packing Machine

  • Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine
    This equipment is a bucket weighing composition, consisting of the body, weighing part, control system, conveying sewing bale and other devices. It is mainly used for quantitative weighing and packaging purposes.

Chapter 7

Common Questions

The production of the machinery takes 30 days, which means that we can deliver your machines in 30 days after finished advance payment.

30% should be paid by T/T as deposit, 70% should be paid before delivery but after inspection.

Nicety Machinery offers 1 year warranty and lifetime after-sales service

Nicety maintains a comprehensive parts list for your equipment and has an extensive parts inventory at our facility. Contact the Nicety service team can provide a detailed quote and ship you the parts you need.

Please contact our customer service department promptly and clearly describe the problem you are experiencing with your equipment. You can have the defective equipment checked and repaired according to the instructions provided by us or you can have certain components delivered to Nicety Machinery for inspection, replacement or repair and Nicety Machinery will return the new or repaired parts to you.

Your operator’s manual will recommend a maintenance schedule for your equipment and Nicety Machinery offers an annual preventive maintenance service for all equipment and can continually remind you to schedule service at your earliest convenience.

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