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Plastic crusher often referred to as Plastic Granulator

Plastic Crusher is a machine designed to tear and crush materials into particles or flakes of different sizes. It is usually used as an important part of the plastic recycling line

Crushing Process Material

plastic bottle brick

plastic bottles

Plastic toys crusher

plastic toys

Waste Pipe

Plastic barrel crusher

Plastic barrels

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PET flakes

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PVC flakes

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polystrene flakes

Plastic Crusher for different applications

Nicety Machinery‘s crushers can be customized according to customer requirements, such as:bottle crusher, barrel crusher, silent crusher, pipe crusher, etc.

All you need to do is let us know what size & dimension of the waste need to be process, We will provide you the suitable crusher.

plastic crusher machine

Soundproof Crusher

plastic crusher machine

Large PET Bottle Crusher

plastic crusher Nicety machine

Standard Plastic Crusher

plastic crusher

Small Plastic Crusher

pipe crusher machine

pp pe pvc pipe profile crusher machine


All You Need to Know About Plastic Crusher

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Plastic crusher is a machine born specifically for shredding and crushing materials, commonly used in the production line of plastic recycling industry. 

The moving knife, fixed knife and screen inside the crushing chamber cooperate with each other, which can quickly and safely cut various hard plastic products into even-sized flakes.

As a Chinese manufacturer of plastic crusher, we have rich experience in manufacturing crusher for PET recycling line, plastic film recycling line, nylon rope & container bag recycling line.

What Are Plastic Crusher Used For?

Plastic crusher have a wide range of applications in the plastic recycling industry. For example, crushing pipes, films, plastic bottles and other plastic products, etc.

It can also be applied to the following products.

  • PP/BOPP/CPP Fabric And Bags
  • PA66 Fishing Net
  • PET/BOPET Bottles
  • Nylon Products
  • PVC Products
  • EPS/XPS Foam
  • HIPS/PC/ABS Hard Plastic
  • PVB Products
  • PU Products
plastic crusher system

NICETY Plastic Crusher Performance Features

Plastic crusher machine

Robust body

NICETY plastic recycling crusher has a sturdy body with stainless steel plates throughout and seamless welding technology. In the extended service life at the same time also effectively reduce noise.

Crushing chamber


In addition to the common claw knife, flat knife, V shape knife, flower shear knife, we also have more than 20 different knife designs to meet the requirements of customers for different plastic waste crushing.

plastic crusher machine

Crushing room

The reasonable combination of rotating blade, fixed blade and mesh screen in the crushing chamber can effectively improve the crushing efficiency, optimize the uniformity of crushed particle size and reduce the dust content.

Plastic crusher machine

Excellent powertrain

The drive motor and gearbox are made of excellent Chinese brands, with reliable performance, low failure rate and simple maintenance, which can provide long-term stable operation.

Craft Details

Blade plastic crusher
Claw Blade plastic crusher
plastic crusher machine
crusher machine motor
plastic crusher machine
plastic recycling machine manufacturer
Play Video about Crushing chamber

How Do Plastic crusher Work?

When the motor is connected to the dynamic blade rotation, and the cutting chamber of the fixed blade to form a relative movement, when the material into the cutting chamber, by gravity, the material through the gap between the rotating dynamic blade, the fixed blade and mesh screen can complete the material cutting and grinding.

Why Choose Plastic shredder?

Depending on the properties of the crushed material, the crusher can be equipped with different rotors, blade structures

You only need to open the cover, you can do simple cleaning. Of course, in the process of cleaning, be sure to turn off the power to ensure safety.

Can be retrofitted with sound insulation to reduce working decibels to 85 db

The whole machine is designed to be separated, the feed hopper, crushing chamber and filter can be dismantled and cleaned, the tool mounting design can be telescoped and adjusted, and it can be resharpened several times after being blunt and used repeatedly for a very long life.

Considerations When Buying shredder

#1 What material to crush

For example, if your main purpose is to process plastic bottles, or tubes, or material drums, or plastic hard shells, then Nicety’s staff will recommend the most suitable crusher for your reference.

#2 Crushing efficiency/effectiveness

There are many factors that affect the efficiency of the crushing process, including the motor, the number of cutter shafts and the style of cutter. The greater the number of cutter shafts the greater the crushing efficiency and the better the crushing results. The choice of blade will directly affect the size and shape of the crushed material. It is up to you and the staff at Nicety Machinery to work together to make the shredder function the way you want it to!

#3 Crusher power

More engine power means higher crushing capacity per unit of time. You can choose from 5 HP for a crushing capacity of 300 kg/h, or 100 HP for a crushing capacity of 2 ton/h, depending on the overall processing efficiency of your line.

#4 body materials

Can be made of different materials according to your requirements, such as: A3 steel, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, etc. You can also choose to reduce the working decibel level of the shredder to 85 decibels by adding a silent material.

#5 Soundproof function

If you need a soundproof plastic recycling crusher, then make sure of the following two things:

  1. The entire crushing chamber must be wrapped with soundproof material.
  2. The whole body must be sealed structure design.
plastic crusher

Types By blade

plastic crusher chamber
Craw blade

The claw blade is the most common type of blade for plastic crusher, with a raised surface like a claw, usually with two or more axes of claw cutters to complete the crushing of materials, commonly used to crush hard materials, such as hard plastics, thick materials, etc.

Slice blade

Slice blades are usually used in crusher machine that crush PET plastic bottles.  With the fixed blade and screen in the shredding chamber, the PET bottle flakes can be efficiently and quickly processed into small size flakes.

plastic crusher chamber
Flap Blade

The flat blade is suitable for shredding thin and soft materials such as tubes and molded parts. If you have a large variety of plastic waste to crush, then a flat blade is undoubtedly your best choice.

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