vertical silo mixer

Vertical Silo Mixer

Often referred to as Vertical Batch Mixer or Silo Mixer Machine

The work of the vertical silo mixer is the rapid rotation of the screw will be the raw material from the bottom of the mixing silo from the center to the top, and then the umbrella flying scatter, back to the bottom, because mixing screw creates space in the silo so that the raw materials in the silo up and down rolling mixing, a short time can be a large number of raw materials like PP, PE, HDPE, TPR, TPE Etc. evenly mixed.

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Vertical silo mixer with More Extras

The NICETY Vertical Silo Mixer is perfect for uniform mixing of materials. With its spiral spindle and bulk type fall, the mixer achieves the desired results quickly and easily. Plus, it’s compatible with a variety of accessories, making it a versatile tool for any task.

vertical silo mixer

Vertical Screw silo mixer

vertical silo mixer

Low-power vertical silo mixer

vertical double feeding port

15 tons large capacity vertical feed mixer

Vertical drying mixer

Double Layers Vertical Mixer with Heating and Drying

vertical silo mixer

Double Layers Vertical Mixer with Heating and Drying

Vertical Color Mixer

100kg small vertical color blending machine

Drum Blender

Large Drum Blender


Models Power Capacity Volume Voltage
NC - 300 2.2KW | 3HP 300Kg 0.4m² 380V
NC - 500 3KW | 4HP 500Kg 1m² 380V
NC - 1000 4KW | 5HP 1000Kg 2m² 380V
NC - 2000 5.5KW | 7.5PH 2000Kg 4m² 380V
NC - 3000 5.5KW | 7.5HP 3000Kg 6m² 380V
NC - 5000 7.5KW | 10HP 5000Kg 10m² 380V
NC - 10000 75KW |10HP 10000Kg 20m² 380V


All You Need to Know About Vertical silo mixer

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Vertical silo mixers use a spiral stirring method to mix materials evenly. The material is poured into the machine’s hopper, then travels up a spiraling spindle to the top of the silo. Mixing screw creates space, from there, it falls down in an umbrella-like fashion, resulting in a well-mixed product.

Vertical mixing silo machine has many advantages like automatic operation, overload protection, feeding limit alarm and other functions. Widely used in plastic granules, crushed materials and new or add masterbatch mixing homogenization.

What Are vertical silo mixer Used For?

NICETY Silo Mixers are custom-made to fit your specific application, with a host power range from 2.2kw-3HP to 75kw-10HP and a capacity from 0.5T-20T. Plus, they’re perfect for use in a variety of industries:

  • PP, PE granules
  • HDPE LDPE granules
  • TPR, TPE granules
  • Color masterbatch granules
  • Plastic modification
  • Recycling of recycled materials
  • Injection molding
  • Food, Rice, Beans
  • Feed
vertical silo mixer

Vertical Silo Mixer Parts


Silo Department stainless steel can use a variety of types, can also be customized double stainless steel structure barrel; Customizable capacities from 0.5 tons to maximum capacity 20 tons. Strong and durable, non-corrosive, easy to clean.

Vertical Silo Mixer
Loading Barrel:

The diameter can be customized according to the mixing material, with the right size of the screw to quickly upload the material to the top of the silo. Stainless steel barrel body, strong and durable, can do anti-static treatment.

Vertical Silo Mixer

As a screw power source, it uses the excellent domestic generator brand XINGHUAN with excellent performance and very low failure rate. Customizable power from 4KW-4 to 18.5KW-6.

vertical Mixer Motor
Feeder Hopper:

It can be combined with a circular outlet for secondary or multiple mixing. The inlet port can choose DN400 strong into the hole flange, the sealing effect is good, to ensure that the material will not be thrown out, another set of safety facilities such as protection block.


vertical silo mixer
Mixing Screw:

The screw is made of stainless steel, strong and durable. Mixing screw creates space and suitable for various plastic granules, food, feed crushed and other materials mixing and conveying.

vertical silo mixer,vertical mixing silo,silo mixer,vertical silo,vertical silo machine,silo mixer machine
Electrical Control Box:

Adopt ZHENGTAI brand, each function is clear at a glance. A variety of questions alarm function, the operation is more humane. With the motor overload protection function, stirring time can be set arbitrarily from 0-30 minutes by itself.

Vertical Silo Mixer Power Control Box

Vertical silo mixer applications

When Nicety Machinery produce a machine, we also produce a number of solutions to meet the needs of multiple machines in conjunction with the vertical silo mixer.

  • Vertical mixing silo with granulator, vibratory screener and vibrating spiral elevator. Usually used as a post-process for the screening and mixing of recycled plastics.
vertical mixer with other equipments
Automatic Weighing package Case
  • Mixing silo with screw conveyor, automatic weighing and baling machine work. For the final dispensing of the already mixed material.

How Do Vertical silo mixer Work?

The work of the vertical silo mixer is mixing screw transports material from the bottom of the silo from the center to the top, mixing screw creates space and then the umbrella flying scatter, back to the bottom, so that the raw materials in the barrel up and down rolling mixing, a short time can be a large number of raw materials evenly mixed.

Why Choose vertical silo mixer?

Vertical structure, occupying less space for more equipment.

Vertical silo mixers can meet almost all bulk density materials and industrial production needs.

The energy consumption of vertical silo mixers is half of other types.

Vertical mixing silo machine do not cost much and last a long time. The minimalist structure is an important factor in the very low failure rate of vertical mixers.

Due to its simple design, it is easier to replace and repair parts than other mixer types. Check out all the top Chinese vertical mixing silo manufacturers in this article based on the above factors and select the right one for your application.

It can run regularly, easy to operate and low labor cost. Usually one worker can manage several vertical mixing silo machines at the same time.

Considerations When Buying vertical silo mixer

#1 capacity

The capacity of the vertical silo mixer is an important option to consider when purchasing. Depending on the weight of the material you wish to process at once, NICETY MACHINERY will customize a tank with a capacity from 0.5 to 15 tons to meet your production needs.

#2 Power

The motor is like a heart, maintaining the normal operation of the vertical silo mixer, the size of the motor power will directly affect the efficiency of mixing. If you do not know much about the motor, NICETY MACHINERY’s sales staff will recommend the motor with the power matching volume based on years of production experience to escort your production.

#3 Additional Features

In addition to providing you with high performance vertical silo mixers, it is also important for NICETY MACHINERY’s staff to understand your additional needs and integrate them with the mixer, for example, with heating function or increasing the number of feed opening, or reducing the height of the opening to meet the use with other equipment, etc.

#4 body & mixing screw materials

Can be made of different materials according to your requirements, such as: A3 steel, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, etc.

vertical silo mixer
#5 The entire production line system

The vertical silo mixer is only one part of the equation. Considerations should include the requirements of the entire system. For example, the purpose of the production system is related to the suitability of the material.

Case Models

Vertical drying mixer
vertical drying and heating mixer
  • Set drying and mixing function two in one, close the drying function, the machine can also be used for material mixing and homogenization
  • Double barrel design, the middle sandwich installed insulation material, heat is not easy to lose too quickly, energy saving and safety
  • Special high frequency heater, less electricity, more heat
vertical double feeding port
15 tons large capacity vertical feed mixer
  • Extra large volume
  • Size can fit into 40HQ container
  • Double feeding port design, improve loading and unloading efficiency, work with more material transfer machines.
low power vertical mixer
Low-power vertical silo mixer
  • Low power consumption, high efficiency mixing, the fastest 3-5 minutes to complete the mixing
  • Timer function, any mediation within 0-30 minutes
  • Control power box function at a glance, convenient and safe operation, with overload protection function
Vertical Color Mixer
100kg Vertical Industrial Color Mixer
  • Imported stainless steel production, high strength and durable cleaning convenience
  • Vertical reduction motor to ensure low noise and long-lasting durability
  • Strong mixing ability, can be fully mixed within 3 minutes
  • Small footprint, easy to move on casters

Types By Material

Which steel is the best materials for you to use to produce your vertical silo mixer?

201 stainless steel

Although the corrosion resistance of 201 stainless steel is not strong, but it still has good anti-corrosion properties, if you need to mix the material is not strong corrosive, then the affordable 201 stainless steel will be the material of choice for the manufacture of vertical silo mixers

304 stainless steel

304 stainless steel is a common type of stainless steel in life, the household appliances you use and even the faucets may be made of 304 stainless steel. It has better corrosion resistance than 201 stainless steel

More Options

Depending on your use scenario, there are many options for steel. If your product is a very corrosive chemical, the more expensive 316 stainless steel is obviously more suitable, and although expensive, it is worth it.

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