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The precision and versatility of our NICETY  plastic pelletizing line allow processing materials like PP, PVC, PET, PE, HDPE, LDPE, PPR, WPC, PO, PLA, agglomeration etc into granules. To fully capitalize the power of our extruders, a complete range of accessories is available to build high-performance customised lines.


Screw design

The design of the screw will directly determine the quality of the plastic material during hot melt and plasticization.


Sliding Hopper

Automated sliding hopper for precise control of the extruder's work rate and stable feeding


Certified Reducers

All NICETY Extrusion pelletizing machines are equipped with certified reducer, providing long life and stable production.

Plastic pelletizing line definitely needs a perfect screw

  • Whether the design of the screw is reasonable or not, it directly affects the hot melt of plastic and the plasticizing process.
  • The reasonable screw design and the temperature control equipment of NICETY extruder can achieve the uniform plasticization of plastic materials, and the final granules do not have burrs and air holes.
Plastic hot-melt Extrusion pelletizing Line

Extruder Mainframe

It’s suitable for PP PET PE film, HDPE LDPE and other plastic recycling.

The extruder is paired with quantitative feeder, vacuum exhaust system, multiple constant temperature zones with automatic temperature control and air cooling system. The agglomeration granulator provided by Nicety has the features of compact structure, simple operation, stable performance and high plasticization quality.

Screen changer

The screen changer can be used repeatedly. Nicety automatic hydraulic screen changers can be installed directly on the terminal of the barrel and connected to all our standard granulation heads.

Used to remove all contaminants from raw materials such as: PVC, PE, PP, PC, ABS and other recycled materials. 

Extruder screen
Granulation Head

Granulation Head

Pelletizing or die heads units are used in strand pelletizing systems for extrusion of granules.

Nicety pelletizing heads are used to produce thermoplastic granules from recycled plastic flakes, both virgin and recycled granules.

Water cutting unit

Specially used for recycling polyethylene, polypropylene and other types of polymers.

Most basic pelletizing line manufacturers can only pelletize PP, EPS by pulling and cutting them. Nicety has overcome this technology perfectly and made it possible to apply water cutters to PP and EPS.

water cutting unit
Vertical dryer

Dewatering unit

The moisture in the final granules is reduced to less than 2% through a vertical centrifugal dryer.

The material is dried by transferring the particles to a centrifugal drying chamber via a built-in screw conveyor, which uses centrifugal force to shake the material dry and lift it to the outlet.

Sieving unit

The final granules material are screened out by a vibratory sifter for uniform granule size. The larger size plastic granules will be collected additionally.

Vibrating Screener
plastic recycling machine

Blower & silo unit

The plastic granules are blown into the silo through the pipe under the action of the blower.

NICETY Plastic pelletizing effect

Not only is the quality, robustness, and reliability of NICETY extrusion pelletizing lines outstanding, but the final granules produced are pure, contamination-free, and free of porosity, among other high-quality features.

500*500 Extrusion machine

Recycled HDPE granules

Recycled ABS granules

Recycled PVC granules

Plastic materials used in single screw extruders

Pure, Efficient, Quality, Powerful

Plastic materials used in single screw extruders


Building your line and boost your business

We can customize the extrusion pelletizing line to suit your requirements.

Customizable parts include, but are not limited to the following sections:

How to get high quality recycled plastic granules

Several elements on how to obtain high quality plastic pellets through extrusion pelletizing line

If you want to produce high quality plastic granules by extrusion pelletizing machine, it is important to choose a plastic feedstock with as few recycling times as possible. The more times the plastic is recycled, the more impurities are involved in the batch.

Plastic materials with more moisture are not suitable for direct basic granulation. This will lead to a lot of pores on the surface of the Final plastic granules after hot melting, plasticizing, extruding, cooling and pelletizing.

We recommend that the moisture content of the raw material should not exceed 6%, thus avoiding the creation of air holes in the final plastic pellets.

Nicety extruders repeatedly emphasize that the design of the screw structure will be directly related to the melting, plasticization effect during the extrusion and pelletizing process.

The unreasonable screw structure will cause the plastic to be heated and denatured unevenly during the plasticizing process, which will eventually result in a large color difference and lower chemical and physical properties of the final pellets, thus making the quality of the plastic products using the recycled material worse.

If you need to ask more questions about the relationship between plastic pellets and extrusion pelletizers, you can contact NICETY’s technical staff. Our technical team will help you to choose the right single screw extruder or twin screw extruder for your production, depending on the type of plastic to be pelletized and the hardness of the plastic. We will also provide you with a one-on-one explanation of our production line.


Help you understand our services

Project Follow Up

NICETY will assign you an experienced project manager who will provide one-on-one service for all the details of your conceived line.

Not only will gather and coordinate information and details about your plastic recycling line, but we will also provide answers to your future questions to ensure that your project progresses as smoothly as you expect.

NICETY’s project managers will provide the following services:

  • Draw up initiate project with necessary information

  • In time and continuous follow up and evaluate project specification to adjust the project schedule
  • Provide practical support and service

  • Prepare and organize all necessary related documentation for this project.

Turnkey Solution

NICETY will provide a complete solution for our customers’ plastic recycling lines.

All equipment is laid out in accordance with the planning drawings, and the placement of machinery, wiring and lines, and piping are seamlessly synchronized with the actual conditions of your plant.

We also provide training course for operation, maintenance, documentation, and other fundamental and necessary support for all integrated turnkey solution waste plastic recycling line equipment.

For any further requirements regarding turnkey solution plastic recycling line equipment, please give us a call or send us an email.

Phone: (86) 186 1510-1559 | Email:

Installation and Training

NICETY experts with more than 20 years of experience will help you to install all machines step by step.

After the installation of your machine or line, the expert will continue to observe and monitor the new equipment in your plant for proper operation and train your technicians.

After our experts leave, Nicety will continue to provide you with prompt and courteous service 24/7

NICETY experts can provide the following services:

  • Installation of machinery and equipment or plastic recycling lines at your plants
  • Synchronize and coordinate schedules with engineering for switching and preventive maintenance operations
  • Engineering modifications to machines and recycling lines as necessary to optimize machine performance and stability
  • Troubleshooting of machine problems

  • On-site training courses are provided for all necessary procedures

Planned Maintenance | After Sales Technical Support

NICETY will provide continuous after-sales support to every customer.

Our after-sales department has thousands of different parts in stock, ready to respond to any urgent needs of our customers.

This ensures that any problems you may have with your machinery are resolved quickly and efficiently, effectively reducing downtime and lost productivity in your plant.

Pre-sales Consultation

Any part of our equipment that comes into contact with the material is made of SUS304, SUS316 stainless steel, for example.

As well as the use of world-renowned electrical components. This effectively extends the service life of the equipment or production line.

We can also make any custom design for you according to your needs.


NICETY manufactures all equipment in our own facilities, which are ECO environmental buildings and ISO and CE certified. NICETY is highly concerned with environmental protection in all work areas and reducing waste in all production processes.

Only two hours drive to the nearby major shipping seaports, offering the most economical freight rates and fast shipping to most countries in the world.

Our facilities consist of the following components:

  • Experienced and skilled professional mechanics
  • On-site Engineering support
  • Materials requirement planning (MRP)
  • Production Engineering
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • QC team for components and machines testing

NICETY offers OEM and ODM machines and services customized to your different needs and target designs, at the most competitive prices. From single machine to turnkey solution services.

From conception to real machines, you can expect your quality machines and services that will help break your business limitations.

Tailor Made | Tailored Design Solutions

Your business will grow as your company expands, and so will the extension of your production line. NICETY offers optimized solutions through tailor-made design machinery projects to maximize your benefits at minimal cost.

Tailor-made services cover our entire product range for various projects, including plastic recycling and washing system, extrusion and pelletizing system, other plastic auxiliary machines, etc.

NICETY customized in:

  • Tailored design for equipments or line
  • Production processes
  • Modification and configuration of equipment

NICETY lead customer in every size and step to a target business.

Customer Service

We guarantee the satisfaction of every customer with our equipment and services.

We also understand that you may encounter problems and need help.

Friendly and courteous customer service specialists will be ready to resolve the problem in a timely manner. You can contact us at the following phone numbers and emails:

Phone: (+86) 186 1510-1559


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