Vibrating Screener Machine

vibrating screener

Often referred to as Linear Vibrating Screener or Vibrating Sieve

Vibratory screeners are machines that screen out materials of different sizes by means of vibrating screens, often used in the plastics recycling industry, and can also screen out materials of various sizes by adding a variety of different mesh screens.

Vibrating screener

Vibratory screens are divided into Horizontal Vibrating Screener and Circular Vibrating Screener. Both have the function of screening different sizes of material, with the disc type vibrating screen being able to screen and sort more sizes of material by adding more layers.

Vibrating Screener Machine

linear vibrating screener

vibrating sieve

vibratory screeners separators


All You Need to Know About vibrating screener

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The vibrating screen is an efficient, safe and easy to operate machine for sorting materials according to size. The vibrating screen screens out the material that can pass through the mesh size of the screen.

This article provides a guide to vibrating screen. It discusses applications, mechanisms, factors to consider when buying and the different types of vibratory screen available on the market. Finally, this guide will help you with additional advice and case references in the process of purchasing a vibratory screen.

What Are vibrating screener Used For?

Imagine you have a pile of grains in front of you, but the gravel is full of them – how do you separate them quickly? A vibrating screener would be the perfect solution, as it can screen and separate different sizes of material by the mesh size of the screen. Simple to operate and for a wide range of applications:

  • Mining industry
  • Plastic recycling line
  • Agriculture
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Plastic Granules
  • Metal separation
  • Wood chip separation
Vibrating Screener Machine

vibrating screener Parts

Vibration table:

Acts as a platform for the vibratory screener to provide space and angle at which the screen can vibrate. The vibrating platform is supported by springs between the shaker shock absorbers and the base to isolate vibrations to the ground during the vibrating screening process.

Vibratory Screener
Stainless Steel Screens:

It can be divided into a variety of sunscreens according to the application, for example: application for sieving, application for dewatering, application for peeling, etc.
One, two, three or more layers of screens can also be designed according to customer requirements. For separating materials into two, three or four different material categories depending on the size of the material.

Vibratory Screener
Discharge port:

The discharge ports are connected to corresponding screen decks, and the multi-layer decks will also have multiple discharge ports for the purpose of sorting and screening according to material size.

Electrical Control Box:

Adopt Well-known brand, each function is clear at a glance. A variety of questions alarm function, the operation is more humane. With the motor overload protection function.

Vibratory Screener

It is like the heart of the vibratory screener, providing energy source for the vibration table, using the famous factory motor. 

Vibratory Screener
Vibratory Screener

How Do vibrating Screener Work?

The vibrating screener uses the vibrating energy generated by the vibrator, which is transmitted to each layer of the screen, so that the screen carries the material in a non-stop vibration and forward movement, in the process, due to the different sizes of the mesh of each layer of the screen, so that the material stays in the corresponding screen layer under the action of gravity, to complete the work of material screening.

Why Choose vibrating screener?

The screens on the vibrating screens can be changed to different sizes of mesh depending on the use scenario, which is very flexible for the user.

Using the screening function of the vibrating screeners, materials of different sizes can be screened for subsequent processing. This improves the yield and overall quality of the final product

The extremely simple construction and low failure rate of the vibratory screener make routine downtime and maintenance particularly short.

vibratory screener do not cost much and last a long time. The minimalist structure is an important factor in the very low failure rate of vibratory screener

Considerations When Buying vibrating screener

#1 Model selection

Ordinary vibrating screeners are used in a wide range of applications, but if you have a smaller amount of material to screen and need to screen more grades, a circular vibrating screener would be a better choice.
You can tell your requirements to the Nicety Machinery staff for more advice on purchasing.

#2 Sieve mesh sizes

This is an important consideration for vibrating screeners and Nicety Machinery supply different screen mesh sizes to meet your size requirements for screening materials

#3 Production capacity

Depending on your production requirements and screening efficiency, Nicety Machinery will recommend the right model, power and motor voltage. If you do not have restrictions on space and processing volume, then a high power vibratory screening machine is more suitable for you, but if the processing volume is less and the screening grade is carefully divided, then a circular vibratory screening machine is the first choice.

#4 body materials

Can be made of different materials according to your requirements, such as: A3 steel, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, etc.

Vibrating Screener Machine
#5 The entire production line system

The vibratory screener is only one part of the equation. Considerations should include the requirements of the entire system. For example, location/number of discharge port, the purpose of the production system is related to the suitability of the material. For special requests, please contact us.

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