How to Sort Plastic 101: Recovering Plastic from Crushed Material

Plastic: part of the problem… part of the solution - Part 3: Sorting  technology

Plastic recycling is a necessary process to keep plastic out of landfill and reduce its environmental impact. When sorting plastic, there are a few factors to consider: the type of plastic, color, and condition. In this blog post, we will discuss how to recover plastic from crushed material and what kind of machine you need to do so.

The Importance of Sorting Plastic From Waste

Plastic Recycling Facts and Figures

Waste plastics, a more common recyclable, recycling process will be selected according to different material conditions.

Encounter complex mixed crushed material and other situations will be used to sort this process,

Plastic sorting commonly used sorting method is the use of machine equipment for sorting, previously there were also manual sorting methods, 

But it is clear that this way actually can not meet the demand for everyone’s sorting and efficiency requirements, so Almost has been eliminated.

Only occasionally to assist the machine sorting or a small part of the recycling process of easy-to-recycle materials.

There are many benefits to sorting plastic:

-Sorting plastic by type allows recyclers to create products made from similar materials, which makes the final product stronger.

-Sorting plastic by color can create a more visually appealing product.

-And finally, sorting by condition allows recyclers to choose the best pieces of plastic to use in their products.

Plastic is fantastic!" - Rational use and plastic recycling industry -  Alcimed

Plastic recycling is about the cleanliness of plastic.

That is, the degree of purification of waste plastic materials, after all, a single material without debris plastic is more suitable for the next step of recycling remanufacturing, so the value of plastic is also higher.

For example, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other home appliances shell crushed material;

Although the plastic content is high but also because it contains some silica gel and metal, crushing and stacking contaminated with debris affect the price.

We want to get the desired benefit, we need to sort the plastic in these crushed materials.

Types of Recycled Plastics Material:

There are many kinds of plastic materials, such as ABS/PS/submerged PP/flame-retardant ABS/flame-retardant PS, PET, PVC, PA, PE, PA, etc.,

Advances in plastics recycling processes towards the creation of a circular  economy - RECYCLING magazine

How to Sort Plastic from Waste Plastic Materials?

First, you need to identify the type of plastic. You can do this by looking at the recycling symbol on the product.

The recycling symbol is usually a triangle made up of arrows. The number inside the triangle indicates the type of plastic.

Once you know the type of plastic, you can sort it by color and condition.

If you are sorting by color, you should group the plastic by light colors and dark colors.

If you are sorting by condition, you should group the plastic by damaged and non-damaged pieces.

Once you have sorted the plastic, you can recycle it using a machine designed for that particular type of plastic.

What Kind of Machine to Sort Plastic?

Sorting Machine It can remove the silica gel, rubber, wood chips, debris, dust, and other things from the plastic, which is very suitable for the recycling of broken materials of household products.

sort blue,first and second sorting plastic color sorting machine - YouTube

Rinsing machine, is the use of flotation method for sorting equipment.

Plastic Film Washing Lines - Plastic Recycling Machines

When the rinsing machine is water, floating on the surface of the water is PP material plastic, the rest will sink to the bottom, when the rinsing machine is salt water, it will float the ABS, PS and other materials in it, of course, it will also contain some rubber, silicone and other things, which is the next Sorting Machine needs to remove things.

If you need to differentiate between different colored plastics, then you need to use a Color Sorter to screen the material for color.

Plastic recycling in 2022 - and a look back to 2021 -

Color sorting of plastics can be used to color sorting machine. Each step of the purification is in increasing the recycling value of plastic, you can select the sorting process according to your needs.

If you wish to sort plastics according to the material to be sorted, we would recommend you to use an Electrostatic Sorting Machine.

High Voltage Electrostatic Separation Machine Electrostatic Sorter For  Metal And Plastic Separating - Buy Electrostatic Separator,Electrostatic  Sorter,Electrostatic Separation Machine Product on

Electrostatic sorting machine is the use of different plastic materials of different electrical properties to sort.

At the same time can be sorted two to three different materials of plastic, and then more will affect the efficiency of the sorting.

For plastic bottles need to sort out what plastic materials?

You need to use a PET Bottle Sorting Machine.

A PET bottle sorting machine is used to sort out the plastic bottles made of PET material.

The machine uses high-voltage static electricity to separate the PET bottles from other materials such as PVC and PE.

Why Need To Sort the PVC From Plastic Bottles?

PVC is a kind of plastic that is not easily degradable.

When it is thrown into the environment, it will take a long time to decompose.

Moreover, when PVC burns, it will release poisonous gas.

Therefore, it is important to recycle PVC so that it will not cause pollution to the environment.

What are the uses of recycled plastic?

Recycled plastic can be used to make new products such as bottles, containers, toys, and so on.

It can also be used to make products that are not made of plastic, such as chairs and tables.

Recycling plastic helps to reduce pollution and save resources.

Sorting plastic is an important step in recycling plastic. By sorting the different types of plastics, you can ensure that the plastic is recycled properly and does not cause pollution

It can also be used to make fuel or other products that can replace oil-based products.

Thus, recycling plastic is important because it reduces pollution and conserves resources.

sorted the plastic, you can recycle it using a machine designed for that particular type of plastic.

What are the benefits of recycling plastic?

There are many benefits of recycling plastic. Recycling plastic conserves resources, reduces pollution, and creates jobs. Moreover, recycling plastic can also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, it is important to recycle plastic so that we can protect the environment.


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