The 11 machines included in plastic recycling equipment. A guide to buying plastic recycling equipment

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If you are looking to purchase plastic recycling equipment, as a customer, it is important to know which machines are included in the process. There are several different types of machines that can be used to recycle plastic, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we will discuss the 11 most common types of machines used in plastic recycling and explain what each one does. We will also provide a guide to buying plastic recycling equipment so that you can make an informed decision when buying your own!

1. Why plastic recycling? What are the benefits of plastic recycling to both businesses and the environment?

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Plastic recycling industry is vital to both businesses and the environment. Businesses benefit from plastic recycling because it reduces their reliance on virgin materials, which can be costly. In addition, recycling plastics can help businesses save money on waste disposal. The environment benefits from plastic recycling as it helps to reduce pollution and conserve resources. Recycling plastics also reduces the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfill. 

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While it is true that plastic products can be harmful to the environment, this is only true if they are not recycled correctly. If you use the right machines to recycle plastic products, you can actually help reduce their impact on the environment. Recycling plastics also has economic benefits as it helps to create new jobs and save energy.

2 The whole step of plastic recycling systems.

The most common type of plastic is polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is used in beverage bottles. Other types of plastic include high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

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The next step is to wash the plastic and then cut it into small pieces. These pieces are then melted down and formed into pellets. These pellets are then used to create new products, such as recycled plastic wood.

3. What are the common types of plastic recycling equipment?

Plastic recycling machines used to recycle plastic bottles and other plastic products. There are different types of machines that can be used to recycle plastic. Below is a list of 11 types plastic recycling machines


Plastic shredders include models for a wide range of raw materials, such as: plastic drum, plastic film, and cutting pipe shredders.

Plastic shredders are used to break down large pieces of plastic into plastic flakes material. This helps to prepare the plastic for recycling.

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Usually connected to an extruder and dryer for cutting the freshly produced plastic wire into small pellets.


Plastic mixers are used to mix different types of plastic together before melting. Mixers are divided into horizontal mixers and vertical mixers, which are usually used to mix the freshly produced plastic pellets and masterbatch or other raw material evenly. This helps to create a stable product.

-Extrusion machines
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Extruders are used to melt plastic and then extrude it into pellets or new products.

-Moulding machines

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Moulding machines are used to shape the molten plastic into the desired product. You can often see on production industries line

-Washing line
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Washing lines s are used to clean the recycled plastic before turning it into a new product. With the conveyor belt, the dirty materials and dirt can be cleaned. Washing is an important processed in the plastic recycling system.

-Drying machines
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Drying machines are used to remove any moisture from the recycled plastic materials.

-Sorting machines

These machines are used to separate the different types of plastic.Usually use vibration screening machine to screen the material according to the different sizes, sieve out and collect.

-Labelling machines

For attaching labels to goods. Labelling machines are used to label products made from recycled plastic.

-Packing machines

Packaging machines are used to package the recycling plastic flakes for sale.


Conveyor are used to move products from one machine to another.Common conveyors include spiral conveyors, vibratory spiral conveyors and bucket conveyors.

4. Factors to consider before buying plastic recycling equipment

-The type of plastic you want to recycle.

You need to consider what type of plastic you want to recycle. .


You will need to consider how much material you want to recycle. This will help you decide on the size and capacity of the machine you need.


You need to consider where you will be placing your equipment. You need to make sure you have enough space for the machine and any products you want to recycle.


When buying plastic recycling equipment you need to consider your budget. Make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

-Equipments Suppler

A good supplier will provide you with quality equipment at a reasonable price and support you when you need it.

The right supplier will help you get the most out of your recycling business. For example by offering more professional advice or providing good after-sales service down the road.

5. How to maintain your plastic recycling equipment for optimum performance

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The key to maintaining your plastic recycling equipment is regular cleaning and maintenance. Depending oThe key to maintaining your plastic recycling equipment is regular cleaning and maintenance. Depending on the type of machine, this may include oiling or greasing the moving parts, emptying the collection tank, and cleaning the machine. By keeping your equipment clean and well maintained, you will ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come. In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, it is important to keep a close eye on the wear and tear of your plastic recycling equipments.

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