PET Bottles washing line

This video is a pre-delivery test video of the PET bottle crushing and washing line. It has the advantages of high decalcification rate, low water content of PET flakes, low water consumption of the whole line, etc.

Pelletizing line for Polyester fiber

This video production line is a polyester staple fiber extrusion pelletizing line with pure PET flakes as raw material, also can be used to produce AAA polyester staple fiber.

PP PE Waste washing line

Fully automatic plastic cleaning and recycling line, can control the water content of cleaned plastic flakes within 3%, widely used in a variety of PP, PE and other plastic waste.

HDPE melting granulation line

This HDPE extrusion pelletizing line can produce high quality HDPE pellets, the final pellets are pure and pollution-free, without air holes.