What is spiral elevator

Spiral elevator also called vibrating spiral elevator. Is a type of vertical transportation system that uses vibrational force to move bulk solids or materials up and down a spiral-shaped shaft. With a compact footprint, transportation with continuity and other characteristics.

The operation of spiral elevators are similar to that of a traditional spiral conveyor, but the use of vibrational force allows it to handle a wider range of goods and materials and operate in a more compact space.

This makes it a good choice for buildings with limited space or complex layouts, and is particularly useful in the chemical and plastic industries, where the safe and efficient movement of goods is critical.

How the sprial elevators works?

video of vibratory spiral elevator

The elevator consists of a platform or cabin that is attached to a central column, and moves along a helical or spiral track.

The platform or cabin of the vibrating spiral elevator is suspended by a series of cables or other mechanical devices, vibration forces generated by the operation of two unbalanced motors, which allow it to move up and down the spiral track.

The movement of the platform is controlled by a series of motors and gears, which generate vibrational force to move the materials on the platform continuous product flow up and down the spiral track.

What are the application industries of spiral elevators?

Spiral elevators are commonly used in many industries, including mining, chemical and plastic industries., where they are used to transport materials and goods between different levels of a height or floor.

The chemical and plastics industries are known for their large, complex facilities that often require the movement of goods and materials between different floors and heights.

Traditional elevators can be inefficient and cumbersome in these environments, as they require a dedicated shaft and can only move in a straight line.

In contrast, vibratory spiral elevators use spiral shafts that can be moved in more compact spaces, making them better suited to the unique layouts of chemical and plastics facilities, use minimal floor space to save more floor space.

Cooling function of spiral elevator

Resource: CARRIER

Some industries will require spiral elevators to transport materials with temperature, such as some special plastic pellets.

Vibratory spiral elevators can be designed with a cooling function so that the material can be transported and lifted at a lower temperature.

Vibrating spiral elevator usually has three cooling methods to reduce the temperature of the transported material: air-cooling, water-cooling and air water combination coling.


The spiral central tube has several air outlets corresponding to the spiral structure platform on each level.

In the process of material being lifted, cold air is constantly blowing on the material to achieve the purpose of cooling.


Vibrating spiral elevator with water-cooled cooling function of each layer of the spiral platform is double belt and hollow.

And cold water through the hollow and closed gap in the spiral structure constantly circulating, so that each layer of the spiral transport layer is like a cool tray, constantly absorbing the heat emitted by the material in the vibration lifting process to reduce their own temperature.

Air water combination coling

As the name suggests, the air water combination coling. cooling method is a combination of these two cooling methods. It has a better cooling effect.

What the difference between vibrating spiral elevator and spiral conveyor

Spiral elevators and spiral conveyors are both types of compact footprint mechanical devices that are used to move and transport products vertically between different levels.

However, there are some key differences between the two.

One of the main differences between a vibrating spiral elevator and a spiral conveyor is the way in which they move materials.

Spiral elevators uses vibration to move materials upward or downward, while a spiral conveyor uses a continuous rotating spiral belt to convey materials horizontally or at an incline.

Another key difference between the two is the type of materials they are designed to handle.

Spiral elevators are typically designed to bulk solids, tiny size materials such as plastic pellets and chemical powders

While spiral conveyors are typically used to convey lighter materials such as packages, boxes, and bags.

Additionally, spiral elevators are typically used in industrial settings, such as plastic pellet factory, chemical factory, pharmaceutical factory, while spiral conveyors are more commonly found in retail and distribution centers.

Top 5 spiral elevator manufacturers:

Nicety Machinery Co., Ltd


Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): China

Spiral elevator website:

NICETY was established in China in 2005 and has since become a global manufacturer and supplier of spiral elevator machines.

If you are looking for a professional manufacturer of the spiral elevator, you can contact this company without thinking twice and they will support you.

JVI Vibratory Equipment

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): Canada


JVI Vibratory Equipment is an innovative designer and manufacturer of vibrating equipment used in the processing of bulk materials.

Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): USA


Process applications vary from industry to industry, each facing a unique set of environmental and engineering challenges. That said, Carrier’s success in applying vibration technology in a variety of environments has always been a constant.

AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): Germany


Conveying capacity, bulk density, particle size and product moisture, or the necessary operations of unloading, conveying, dosing, screening and cooling – each requires a specific design. Off-the-shelf solutions rarely provide the maximum optimization that you need to differentiate yourself from the competition.

GEA Group

ype of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): Germany


GEA Scan-Vibro screw lifters are designed for use in a wide range of applications in the food, feed, chemical technology, and pharmaceutical industries.


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