Best 5 Manufacturers For Pet Recycling Machinery

More and more people are engaged in the recycling of PET plastic bottles.

After recycling, PET flakes can be used to manufacture new PET bottles after hot melt extrusion and injection molding, as well as other products made from plastic.

High-quality PET flakes can also be used for the production of AAA-grade polyester staple fibers.

In this blog post, I will discuss the five best manufacturers of PET recycling machinery. I will provide information about each company, as well as their products. I hope that this information will help you decide which manufacturer is right for your business!

List of the Best 5 Manufacturer For PET Recycling machinery:

Kooen Machinery Co., Ltd

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): China

Year Established: 2005

Main Product:

  • Plastic recycling machines
  • Plastic extrusion lines

KOOEN is founded in 2005, they are the leading brand of plastic machinery manufacturer in China. KOOEN has 2 main business sections:

Waste plastic washing recycling machine

Plastic pips/profile extrusion line

Nicety Machinery Co., Ltd

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): China

Year Established: 2005

Main Product:

  • Plastic PET recycling machines
  • Plastic washing lines
  • Plastic extrusion lines
  • Crusher/shredder machines
  • Plastic auxiliary machines

 NICETY’s goal is to provide the highest quality equipment to customers around the world.NICETY can manufacture specific machines according to customer needs using cutting-edge technology, experienced engineers, and skilled staff. They have served hundreds of plastic industries in over 180 countries and regions around the world. NICETY continues to provide quality plastic recycling machinery and after-sales service on a mutually beneficial basis.


Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): Italy

Year Established: 2010

Main Product:

  • Plastic washing line
  • De-labeller


Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters):China

Year Established: 1998

Main Product:

  • Recycling line
  • Pelletizing Line Solution

BEIER Group is founded in 1998, they are the leading brand of plastic machinery manufacturer in China. BEIER Group have 4 main business sections:

High efficiency, Energy saving European standard extrusion line

Plastic recycling & washing line

PVC mixing and precision metering system

European standard blow molding line

Herbold Meckesheim

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters):USA

Year Established: 1978

Main Product:

  • Recycling line
  • Pelletizing Line Solution

Brothers Karlheinz and Werner Herbold have been running the company since 1978.

They are specialises not only in machines and systems for the treatment of waste in the plastics-processing industry and the treatment of used, mixed and contaminated plastics, but also in the pulverization of plastic granulates and waste. In addition to this, their machines are used in numerous other applications in waste treatment, raw materials recovery and material preparation for various industrial processes.

PET Bottle Recycling Process:

  • Sorting PET bottles by color
  • Removing bottle labels
  • Crushing the bottle into small pieces
  • Rinsing PET bottle flakes
  • Thermal cleaning PET flakes
  • Drying the PET flakes
  • Collecting flakes
  • Hot melt, plasticizing, extrusion
  • Cooling
  • Granulation
  • Collection PET granules
  • Injection molding into other new PET products

What Are The Machinery For Recycling PET Bottles?

From sorting to injection molding, there is a variety of machines that are needed in the recycling process of plastic PET bottles.

They are including:

Debaler Machine 


Since PET bottles usually arrive in bundles or compacted bundles at the plastic bottle washing plant, they need to be unpacked by the Debaler machine before they can be transferred to the next process.


Used to remove small contaminants such as broken glass, paper/cardboard, metal, rocks, etc. from plastic bottles.

Conveyor Belt

The conveyor belt transports the PET bottles from one machine to the next in the recycling process.

Plastic Crusher

The plastic crusher is used to break down the PET bottles into small pieces so that they can be easily rinsed and cleaned. The crusher uses a rotating disc with sharp blades to chop the PET bottles into small pieces.


The de-labeller is used to remove the labels from the PET bottles. It uses a rotating disc with sharp blades to cut the labels off of the PET bottles.

Sink / Float Separation Tank

The sink/float separation tank is used to separate the PET flakes and other type of plastic by density. PVC cap and PE label pieces on PET bottles can be separated in this process.

Hot PET Flakes Washer

The hot pet flakes washer is used to clean the PET flakes after they have been rinsed. The washer uses hot water and detergents to clean the PET flakes.

Friction Washer

The friction washer (cold water) uses high speeds to create friction between the PET flakes where debris is effectively scrubbed off.

Dewatering Machine

As one step in the drying process, the dewatering machine uses centrifugal force to spin water moisture off the PET flakes while keeping the flakes contained within a mesh screen tunnel.

Thermal Drying Machine

After the dewatering process, the thermal drying machine further reduces moisture levels to less than 1%. After thermal drying, the PET flakes are now ready to be stored in product silos.

Single screw extrusion line

A single screw extrusion line is a machine that is used to melt and process plastic materials. The melted plastic is then forced through a die to create a desired shape or product.


The PET bottle recycling process involves a variety of machines that are used to sort, clean, and melt the plastic bottles. The most important machinery in the process are the debaler, trommel, conveyor belt, plastic crusher, de-labeller, sink/float separation tank, hot pet flakes washer, friction washer, dewatering machine, and thermal drying machine. After the PET flakes are dried, they are ready to be stored or used in the production of new PET products.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the PET bottle recycling process and what machinery is involved. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.


2 Responses

  1. The article provides a detailed overview of the top five PET recycling machinery manufacturers in the industry, including their products, services, and customer support. The article also provides a comparison of the features and specifications of each manufacturer’s machinery, enabling readers to make an informed decision when selecting the best manufacturer for their needs. Overall, the article is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to invest in PET recycling machinery, as it provides comprehensive information on the top manufacturers in the industry.

  2. Selecting the best manufacturers for pet recycling machinery is crucial for businesses committed to sustainable plastic waste management. Among the top manufacturers, five stand out for their innovation and quality. Firstly, STF Group offers cutting-edge recycling solutions, from shredders to washing lines. Next, EREMA is known for its high-performance recycling systems, ideal for PET. Starlinger’s PET recycling lines are renowned for their efficiency, and AMUT is a trusted name in extrusion technology for PET recycling. Finally, Sorema specializes in turnkey recycling systems, providing comprehensive solutions. These manufacturers have earned their reputation for reliability, innovation, and sustainability in the field of PET recycling machinery.

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