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How To Build A Small Scale Plastic Recycling Plant: Only Need Three Machines

Do you want to start a small-scale plastic recycling plant but don’t know where to start?

How to build a small scale plastic recycling plant?

You will only need three machines: Conveyor Belt, Crusher, Blowing system & collection Silo.

small scale recycling plant pdf design
Nicety Machinery Small Scale Recycling Plant Recycling Line PDF Design

In this blog post, we will outline the steps you need to take to get your recycling business up and running.

It is important to note that while a large-scale recycling plant may require more machines and investment, a small scale plant can still be profitable if done correctly. So let’s get started!

Small Scale Plastic Waste Recycling Plants Can Be Stable And Profitable

Many customers from different countries ask me about small-scale plastic recycling plants and request PDF files so that they can start the simplest plastic waste recycling business.

So how a small scale plastic recycling plant works?

Small-scale plastic recycling plants mainly crush and grind the plastic waste into flakes, and sell the flakes for profit.

What plastic waste can be recycled at small scale plastic recycling plant?

The most common types of plastic waste, such as PET bottles, are definitely the mainstay of small-scale plastic recycling plants.

Other common plastic waste such as PE drums, PVC pipes, records, window profiles, swimming rings, PP car shells, medical waste, food bags, and other biodegradable plastic waste that can often be found in small-scale plastic waste plants.

What is the typical output of a small-scale plastic waste recycling plant?

The average small-scale plastic recycling plant has an output of around 500-1000kg/h.

The output per hour for a 500-1000kg plastic recycling line means the input of plastic waste at least 600-1200kg per hour.

What Are The Three Main Pieces Of Equipment Needed For A Small-Scale Plastic Waste Recycling Plant?

1: Belt Conveyor

For bulk and efficient transfer of plastic waste to the plastic recycling crusher.

2: Plastic Crusher Or Plastic Shredder

For grinding and crushing plastic waste into small size flakes

plastic recycling crusher machine

3: Blowing & Collection System

For Transferring the crushed plastic flakes to the silo through the fan. Usually, we add an extra collection bag to collect the label pieces attached to the plastic sheet.

Let’s put them together and see how it works:

Plastic Grinding & Crushing With Collecting System Manufacturer - Nicety Machinery Co., Ltd

It is worth mentioning that we can improve the quality of flakes and reduce the cost of labor by slightly improving the machine:

Conveyor belts

As you can see, I have added a metal detector to the conveyor belt.

Metal detector can replace the manual detection of each plastic, when a hard metal is detected, the metal detector will issue an alarm and let the conveyor belt stop working temporarily to protect the plastic recycling crusher machine does not return because of the wear and tear of the blades caused by crushing metal, which plays a good role in protecting the back of the equipment.

Small Scale Plastic Recycling Plants Are Flexible

How to improve and optimize the production line of a small-scale plastics recycling plant depends on the type of plastics to be recycled.

Larger plastic waste can be pre-processed by adding a shredder at the front of the plastic recycling line.

Who is the processed plastic flake sold to? What can they be used for?

The processed plastic flakes are usually sold to plants that have further recycling and processing capabilities.

These plants often further washing and clean these plastic flakes for granulation or for other plastic products such as polyester staple fibers.

Advantages Of Small Scale Plastic Waste Recycling Plants

The advantage of a small scale plastic waste recycling plant over a large scale one is its low cost and flexibility.

A small scale plant can be quickly adapted to changes in the type or quality of plastic waste that needs to be recycled.

It can also be set up and running relatively quickly and cheaply, meaning that it is less risky for businesses.

Another advantage is that a small scale plant can be located closer to the source of the plastic waste, meaning that transportation costs are lower.

Finally, a small scale plant is less likely to have environmental impacts than a large scale plant.

At the same time, small scale means less floor space required, less labor costs and lower energy consumption, which is certainly very friendly for startups.

Let’s see Nicety Machinery Co., Ltd builded small scale plastic recycling line:


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  1. Kindly send me a quote for the plant.
    What would be needed if we need to go into actual production of various types of products like chairs, desks and other related products?

  2. Dear/Sir
    Hi, i am looking to start small-scale plastic waste recycling plants.
    Can i get a cost effective multi type plastic recycling like PE drums, PVC pipes, records, window profiles, swimming rings, PP car shells, medical waste, food bags, and other biodegradable plastic waste that can often be found in small-scale plastic waste recycling plants.
    Or can i get small-scale multi molding detergent Jerry cans like 0.5 L,1L,2L,3L up to 5L machines.

  3. Hi! Will you please help me how to start with small scale waste plastic recycling plan. Which recycling is more profitable and easy to set-up between plastic and aliminum cans to recycle.

    1. In my personal experience, it is better to recycle PET plastic bottles than to recycle aluminium cans. This is because the market is bigger.
      If you have any need to know about our small-scale plastic bottle recycling line, you can contact me via email:)

  4. Contact me for further negotiations on buy a small plastic recycling plant, please. I am interested

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