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How Much Does a Plastic Crusher Machine Cost?

The plastic crusher is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the plastic recycling industry and has been a machine of concern to many people.

As a salesperson who has been in the plastic recycling equipment industry for 5 years, I have contacted many customers and answered their questions.

One of the questions I answer most often is the price of the plastic crusher.

In terms of crushing output of the crusher:

300-500kg/hr Crusher price is USD 8000 – USD 12000

500-800kg/hr Crusher price is USD 10000 – USD 17000

800-1200kg/hr Crusher price is USD 15000 – USD 24000

If a conveyor and silo are required, the total price will be approximately USD 4,000-5,000 more.

Why Are Some Plastic Crushers Expensive And Some Crushers Cheap?

There are many types of plastic crusher machines on the market. The price for these machines varies greatly, depending on the factors involved.

In this blog post, I will explain to you from the perspective of a professional salesperson what factors affect the price of a plastic crusher machine:

What Are The Factors That Affect The Price Of The Crusher Machine?

Factors affecting the price of the plastic crusher include the size of the crushing chamber, the quality, and power of the motor and reducer, the type of steel used in the crusher body, and the type of steel used in the blades.

The size of the plastic crusher chamber contains a lot of information, such as the size of the feed opening, the width and diameter of the rotating screw inside the plastic crusher chamber, etc.

plastic crusher machine

That information will influence whether the plastic crusher meets your needs, such as the output of the plastic crusher, the type, and size of the material to be crushed, etc.

The motor and reducer are also important factors affecting the price of the crusher machine. They are as important to the plastic crusher machine as a heart.

Plastic crusher machine

The type of steel used in the construction of the plastic crusher also has a big influence on the price. For example, stainless steel 304 is more expensive than ordinary carbon steel because it is more wear-resistant and has better corrosion resistance.

The blades are also an important factor that affects the price of the crusher machine. The material and hardness of the blades will affect the performance of the plastic crusher machine and the price to a certain extent.

Crushing chamber 1
SKD-11 Flat Blades

In Addition, The Type Of Plastic Crusher Is Also An Important Factor That Affects The Price Of The Crusher Machine.

First, you need to clarify the type of material you need to crush.

Are they PET bottles? Or plastic film? Or soft and multiple types of plastic waste?

For example, if you need a crusher that specializes in crushing PET bottles, a crushing chamber with an arc and a flat blade type will be more suitable.

Plastic Shredder

There is also a crusher machine that specializes in crushing plastic film and PVC tubular plastic waste. (As you know, the plastic film crusher machine requires more power to achieve your desired crushing output. And there are also special crushers suitable for crushing tubular materials.)

Whether Crusher Machines With Special Requirements?

If you need a low-noise crusher, The thicker crushing chamber and the sponge with noise absorption will help you achieve your purpose.

Low Noise Crushing Machine

If you need to purchase a new crusher machine to replace the crusher in your existing plastic waste washing line, telling us more details about the washing line will be very helpful.

PET Bottle washing recycling line

For example: What is the current output of your washing line? What type of plastic waste is the line used to recycle? What is the size of the plastic flake needed? What is the size of the conveyor belt? Do you need to crush the chamber with a water flush washing function? etc.


So, you see that various factors affect the plastic crusher machine.

And one of the hidden factors in determining the cost of a crusher machine is the manufacturer you choose.

In addition to being able to purchase a superior performing crusher machine, you may also want the factory you choose to have good communication skills, prompt response time, perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, and the necessary guidance on the use of the equipment and various types of accessories in the warehouse.

Nicety Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of plastic crusher machines.

Since 2005, we have grown to a 4,000-square-foot production facility with more than 70 workers and thousands of customers from dozens of countries.

Each of their sales staff has a history of working with hundreds of customers.

We can accurately understand your needs and recommend the most suitable equipment solution for your reference.

In addition, we treat every customer as our old friend and provide lifelong after-sales and follow-up services. 

Any technical problem or equipment failure will be solved within 72 hours by professional engineers in cooperation with you. 

Our warehouse is permanently equipped with all types of tools, screens, motors, reducers, and other common accessories. So that we can deliver the equipment our customers need to their countries within 7 days.

You can find us follow:

If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us! We will be very happy to help you! 🙂


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