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How To Choose The Right Crusher And Manufacturer: Plastic Crusher Purchasing Guide

Recently, many customers have sent us emails in order to ask various questions about the plastic crusher and its price.

I have to say it is one of the most important and hottest products in the plastic recycling industry.

If you search for crusher machine manufacturers on Google, manufacturers from all over the world will come to your attention. This will include a large percentage of crusher machine manufacturers from China.

If you are planning to purchase a plastic crusher from China and happen to read this article, congratulations, you are off to a good start.

This article will teach you how to choose from the many crusher models and the many manufacturers that are right for you, with guaranteed product quality and cost-effectiveness. We will also provide a guide to help you choose the right supplier and crusher machine for your business!

Guide 1: How To Choose The Right Plastic Crusher Machine Model?

The first thing you need to do is figure out the material you want to crush and what size of the finished product you desire.

There are many different types of plastic crusher machines on the market, each designed for a specific purpose.

For example, some are designed for hard plastic waste while others can handle soft plastic waste and even film.

Some machines can also handle both solid and hollow plastics.

If you need to crush something like PET plastic bottles or HDPE plastic drums, please choose a plastic crusher with a suitable feeder sport diameter and a grinding chamber with a flat blade structure.

If the material you need to crush is soft, such as a variety of film, polypropylene (PP) bags, and other soft plastic waste, a V-blade structure crusher, is your first choice.

pp bulk bag
PP Waste Bag

If you need to crush all kinds of PP, PE PVC pipe plastic waste, we recommend you purchasing this kind of special crushing machine for pipe type.

Pipe Crushing Machine

Guide 2: Learn The Blades Types:

According to the different plastic waste for the crusher to choose a different type of blade.

V-shaped blades

Crushing chamber
V-Blades Crushing chamber

V-shaped blades are specially designed and commonly used in European standard heavy-duty crushers with this type of blade.

The structure of the blade is suitable for PET drinking water bottles, PE film, leather, and large hollow plastic products crushing work.

Sheet blades

crusher blades
crusher toothed blades

Sheet blades are one of the most common types of blades. Be fixed piece by piece to the shredder’s rotating shaft.

It is suitable for crushing various types of plastic waste.

Flat blades

Crushing chamber 1
Flat Blades

The front end of the blade helps to enhance the angle of cutting and crushing, greatly improving the efficiency of crushing.

Ideal for shredding all types of blow molded parts and film products.

Guide 3: Blades materials:


9Cisi, Chrome Steel

Suitable for general plastic parts, and engineering plastics.


For harder plastic materials, thicker and heavier rubber block crushing.


For softer rubber, plastic, such as foam, plastic bags, film, and fiber material crushing is also suitable

Guide 4: Choose the Crusher Capacity

The size of the crusher’s feed opening and the internal dimensions of the crushing chamber will determine its capacity.

As a basic rule, a crusher with a larger feed opening can crush larger pieces of material.

A crusher with a smaller feed opening will have reduced capacity. If you need to process large pieces of material, you need to choose a crusher with a large feed opening.

Let’s know the Nicety Machinery crusher machine date:

ModelMotor PowerCrushing Chamber Rotary BladeFixed BladeCrushing CapacityDimensionWeight
NC-C1903HP/2.2KW190 x 160mm9230-50kg850 x 500 x 1100mm150kg
NC-C2605HP/4KW270 x 220mm15250-100kg900 x 650 x 1200mm220kg
NC-C3007.5HP/5.5KW320 x250mm9280-150kg1000 x 700 x 1150mm300kg
NC-C40010HP/7.5KW410 x280mm122100-200kg1100 x 860 x 1300mm400kg
NC-C50015HP/11KW500 x320mm152200-300kg1400 x 1000 x 1550mm600kg
NC-C60020HP/15KW600 x320mm182200-400kg1450 x 1100 x 1620mm800kg
NC-C70030HP/22KW710 x 460mm212400-700kg1900 x 1400 x 1950mm1500kg
NC-C80040HP/30KW810 x 460mm244400-800kg2000 x 1500 x 2050mm1800kg
NC-C100060HP/45KW1020 x 650mm304600-1200kg2300 x 1800 x 2400mm3000kg

Guide 5: The relationship between the size of the crushed flakes and the screen of the crusher:

The relationship between the size of the crushed flakes and the screen of the crusher is very important.

The mesh number of the screen indicates how many holes there are in a square inch.

For example, a 20-mesh screen has 20 holes per square inch, and a 40-mesh screen has 40 holes per square inch.

The smaller the mesh number, the finer the particles that can pass through it.

Therefore, if you need small flakes, you should choose a crusher with a small mesh number screen.

If you want large flakes, you need to choose a crusher with a large mesh number screen.

Sizes 12, 16, and 20 mm are the most common screen hole sizes.

The larger the screen hole size, the higher the crushing output, and the smaller the screen hole size, the lower the crushing output.

Guide 6: Crusher Motor Power

Plastic crusher machine

The power of the crusher motor will determine the output of the crusher. .

The right choice of motor power can make the crusher work more efficiently and save energy.

The power of the crusher is usually expressed in kilowatts (kW).

The most common motor powers for plastic crushers are between 15 kW and 160 kW.

The larger the power, the higher the crushing output.

Guide 7: How To Collect Plastic Flakes From The Crusher

After the material is crushed by the crusher, it will be sent to the storage container by the conveyor belt.

The storage container can be a plastic bag, a box, or a drum.

The size of the storage container depends on your needs.

If you need to store more plastic flakes, you need to choose a larger silo with a blowing function.

The blowing function can help you get the plastic flakes out of the silo easily.

Guide 8: China Plastic Crusher Manufacturer Recommendation

If you are looking for a reliable plastic crusher manufacturer in China, please consider Nicety Machinery.

Nicety Machinery has been manufacturing plastic crushers since 2005.

We have a team of experienced engineers and technicians who can help you choose the right crusher for your needs.

In addition to providing you with a cost-effective crusher machine, we also have a well-established service team to help you with any problems you may encounter, from shipping, importing, training staff on how to use them, etc.

If you encounter a technical problem, you can contact our technical team to troubleshoot and solve the problem without hesitation.

In addition, we have a large number of parts in our warehouse for your daily parts replacement.

Whether it’s blades, screens, or other plastic shredder parts, we can ship them all within 3 days.

Crusher Common Failures And Solutions

  • The plastic crusher system and other equipment is not connected

Inlet, outlet, etc., and plastic crusher system is not properly connected, which will cause vibration and noise. Therefore, these connections, suitable for the use of soft connections.

  • The crusher is clogged

Plastic crusher clogging is one of the common failures, the feed rate is too fast, and the load increases, resulting in plastic crusher clogging. In the feeding process, always pay attention to the current meter pointer deflection angle, if more than the rated current indicates that the motor overload, long overload, will burn the plastic crusher. This situation should immediately reduce or close the material door, you can also change the way to feed.

  • The discharge pipe is not smooth

The plastic crusher discharge pipe is not smooth or clogged feed too fast, will make the plastic crusher wind blockage; and improperly matched with the conveying equipment will cause the discharge pipe wind to weaken or no wind after the blockage. After finding out the fault, you should first clear the feeding port to change the mismatched conveying equipment, and adjust the amount of incoming material, so that the normal operation of the equipment.

  • There is hard debris in the crushing chamber

The blade is broken or crushing the chamber with hard debris. These can cause an imbalance in the rotation of the rotor of the plastic crusher, and cause a vibration of the plastic crusher. Therefore, regular inspection, for serious wear of the blade. When replacing, to be replaced symmetrically; plastic crusher operation of the abnormal sound, to immediately stop and check to find the cause of timely treatment.


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