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PET bottle washing line is one of the most common and important processes in the plastic recycling process. As a reliable manufacturer of plastic recycling equipment, we will introduce the components, functions, applications, and factors affecting the price of PET bottle washing lines in this article systematically and professionally.

PET Bottles
PET Flakes

What Is PET Bottle Washing Line?

PP/PE PET Waste Washing Line

PET bottle washing line is a series of machinery and equipment that helps to wash and clean PET bottles and flakes. The cleaned PET flakes can be further processed into new PET products, such as bottles, sheets, polyester staple fiber, straps, and so on.

Components Of Complet PET Bottle Washing Line

The typical components of a PET bottle washing line include:

Conveyor belt to transport PET bottles into the washing line

Bottle crusher or shredder to break down the bottle

Friction washer to remove labels and glue

Float washing tank to remove dirt and impurities

High-speed friction washer for further cleaning

Dewatering machine to remove excess water

Metal detector to remove metal contaminants

Sorting table for manual sorting

Hot washing system for sterilization and removal of remaining impurities

Thermal dryer for getting the dry PET flakes and further reduction of water content

Storage silo for the temporary storage of cleaned PET flakes

Plastic recycling machines
Conveyor Belt
plastic washing line
Label Detacher
plastic crusher
Crusher Machine
Rinsing tank
Rinsing Tank
screw feeder
Screw Feeder
dryer system
Drying System
Centrifugal vertical Dryer
Vertical Dryer
flakes collection silo
Blowing Silo
screw extruder
Electrical Panel

How To Get High-Quality PET Flakes By Washing Line?

There are several important factors to consider in order to ensure that the PET bottle washing line produces high quality PET flakes:

Keep The Materials To Be Pure

Sorting bottles before entering the washing line, such as removing non-PET bottle materials

Remove the materials such as PVC bottles, plastic film, bottle caps, small pieces of metal, gravel, etc.

Our specific approach is to add a metal detector to the sorting table.

While obvious non-PET materials are manually removed, metal detectors can also detect small pieces of metals and prompt workers to pick them out.

Reduce The Impurity Content Of PET Flakes

Don’t skimp on using the label scraping machine, hot washing system and Zig-Zag label remover in recycling line

Removal of labels and glue is crucial in ensuring clean PET plastic.

Invest in a high quality label scraping machine, as it can help to effectively remove the labels without damaging the PET flakes.


Hot washing system allows for a great deal of further cleaning of the PET plastic to remove glue residues from the PET plastic surface.

pet hot washing

In the process of selling PET plastic flakes, you will easily find that PET flakes that have undergone the hot cleaning process sell for $100-200 per ton more than PET plastic flakes that have not undergone the hot cleaning process!!

Reducing The Water Content Of PET Flakes

Invest in a good dewatering machine and drying system

Reliable dewatering machines can remove a significant amount of water from PET bottle flakes, reducing the weight and cost of transportation.

In addition, the moisture content of the PET raw material also affects the subsequent extrusion and pelletizing process.

If you are producing clean PET plastic flakes for extrusion and pelletizing, we recommend that the moisture content be as low as possible, not exceeding 6% at most.

High Quality PET Flake Materials Must Be Consistent In Color

Maintaining color consistency can usually be achieved by manually selecting PET bottles with consistent color into the cleaning line through a sorting platform.

When faced with large production capacity requirements of 2 or 4 tons per hour, We need to match the color sorting machine to the production line.

The color sorting machine can ensure that only PET bottles or flakes with consistent colors are sent to the washing line, and automatically remove contaminants or PET bottles or flakes with different colors.

Following these guidelines will help to ensure that your PET bottle washing line produces high quality PET flakes that fetch higher prices in the market.

Factors Affecting The Price Of PET Bottle Washing Lines


The higher the PETbottle washing productivity, the higher the price.

Number of machines and type of machines in the PET bottle washing line

The more customized or advanced machines included in the washing line, the higher the price.

Brand of machine’s motor

Famous brand motors will also increase the price of the washing line.

Quality and material used for machine construction:

Higher quality materials such as stainless steel will also increase the price of the washing line.

After-sales service provided by the manufacturer

Good after-sales service, such as comprehensive training for operators and maintenance services, will also increase the price of the washing line.

How To Collect The PET Bottles?

To have a complete PET bottle washing line, there needs to be a way to collect the PET bottles.

This can be done by purchasing PET bottle balers and compactors to compress and bale the bottles for easy transportation or collaborating with recycling centers that will provide a steady supply of PET bottles.

How To Carry Out PET Recycling Through Small-Scale Plastic Recycling Plants?

Small-scale PET bottle recycling can be carried out by setting up a small-scale PET bottle washing line and selling the clean PET flakes to companies that use PET plastic in their production, such as bottling companies or plastic-producing companies.

You can also read the following article to learn more about the recycling machinery and details required for a small-scale plastics recycling plant.

how to build a small scale plastic recycling plant PDF


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