Top 5 Plastic Crusher Manufacturer: Tips for Agents

There is no doubt that all customers who need to use a plastic crusher machine will want to find a good manufacturer as their equipment supplier.

Whether you are a recycling plant owner or a national or regional plastics machine distributor, a good plastic crusher manufacturer is definitely a valuable asset to you.

It is my pleasure to recommend the top 5 plastic shredder suppliers in China in this article and also to introduce some technical knowledge and tips about plastic crusher machines.

List Of The Best 5 Manufacturers For Plastic Crusher Machine

  • Nicety Machinery Co.,Ltd
  • Netplasmak A.S. 
  • Inan Plastic Machinery
  • Renmar Plastic Machinery

Nicety Machinery Co., Ltd

Location: China

Main products: Plastic crusher, Shredder machine, Plastic PET recycling line, Extrusion machine

Other products: Plastic auxiliary machines

Nicety Machinery is a famous manufacturer and distributor of various plastic recycling equipment and plastic auxiliary machines in China.

Established in 2005. After decades of development, Nathan has developed into a mature, integrated design, research, and development, production-oriented enterprise.

plastic crusher system

They have a wealth of experience in the plastic recycling equipment industry.

This means that if you are looking for a plant in China to optimize and expand your recycling line, you can contact Nicety Machinery Co., Ltd without any worries. 

Their professional engineers and designers will provide you with the most suitable solution.

Netplasmak A.S. 

Location: Turkey

Main products: Plastic crusher, Shredder machine

Other products: Plastic recycling line

Net Plasmak Machinery comp. producing recycling machines since 1980 on a 15.000 square meter production area.

Net Plasmak’s success lies in the essence of quality and production concept and also provides the best solution By listening and responding to our customer’s needs and requirements

Their Main Plastic Recycling Production line and Turnkey Installation;

Solid Waste Disposal Lines (Waste Disposal Systems)

Plastic Recycling Lines (PE / PP / PVC / PS / PET)

Automobile and Truck Tire Recycling Lines (OTL)

Rubber Recycling Lines

Inan Plastic Machinery

Location: Turkey

Main products: Plastic crusher

Other products: Plastic washing line, Extrusion machine

Inan Plastics Machinery started manufacturing plastic crushers in 1991 as a small engineering workshop. Initially, as Inan Makina, they focused on plastic crushers, but later by expanding their product network; they began to produce recycling machinery and equipment such as extruders, micronized, and shredders.

The company adapted to the evolving technology, expanded its product range, and started to build recycling lines as facilities (LDPE, HDPE, PET, PE, PP). They produce quality and certified products at affordable prices according to customer needs.


Location: China

Main products: Plastic crusher, Shredder machine, Cutting machine

Other products: Pipes recycling line, Extrusion machine, Mixer

KO WIN has long been committed to the development and marketing of various types of plastic recycling machinery – providing efficient recycling machinery to help customers recycle plastic scrap and re-generate the final product – professional plastic scrap recycling and reclamation machinery turn-focused factory manufacturer.

Based on the practical production parameter derived from the long-term operation in its recycling factory, KO WIN offers educational training to customers in sincerity and trust to customers.

Renmar Plastic Machinery

Location: United Kingdom

Main products: Plastic crusher, Bale breakers, Water ring pelletizer

Other products: Plastic wash line, Plastic material granulators, Plastic material shredder

After many years of selling ancillary equipment to the plastics industry, they established Renmar Plastics Machinery in 2007. Over the years they have developed into a market-leading ancillary supplier, working with a small number of carefully selected international manufacturers to provide quality products, they have an impressive range of ancillary equipment and machinery for a variety of industries including plastics, printing, packaging, medical, automotive and food.

They are also members of the BPF (British Plastics Federation) and PMMDA (Polymer Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors Association)

What is a plastic crusher machine?

Plastic crusher machine
plastic crusher machine

A plastic crusher is a kind of equipment that uses mechanical force to grind and crush various types of plastics by using a rotating shaft with blades and fixed blades inside the crushing chamber.

With different sizes of screens and different rotational speeds, the plastic crusher can crush and grind various types of plastic waste such as PE, PP, PVC, PET, etc.

How to choose the blade of the plastic recycling machine?


The plastic crusher blades are a very important accessory in the crusher. They are very sharp and are fixed in the rotating shaft of the crusher and inside the crushing chamber. The plastic can be easily cut into small pieces by the rotation of the rollers with the fixed blades inside the crushing chamber.

There are two types of blades that can be used in plastic crushers: flat type, toothed type

Flat-type blades are suitable for PET bottle-type plastic waste.

Toothed-type blades are suitable for crushing PP/PE film-type plastic waste.

The blade is the key part of the plastic crusher machine and its quality will directly affect the crushing effect and efficiency of the machine.

The main factors to consider when choosing a blade are: hardness, toughness, sharpness and wear resistance.

plastic crusher machine

The blade of the crusher machine should be made of high-quality tool steel or alloy steel, and the hardness should be above HRC60.

In addition, the toughness and wear resistance of the blade is also very important.

The higher the toughness, the better; The higher the wear resistance, the longer the life of the blade.

Common raw materials for crusher blades are SKD-11, D- two, Cr12MoV, W18CrV, etc.

How to choose the screen size of the crusher?

The screen is a kind of filter installed in the discharge port of the crusher to prevent large pieces of plastic from entering into the next process.

The size and shape of the screen holes are very important factors that affect the crushing effect and efficiency of the machine.

The smaller and rounder the screen hole is, the higher the fineness of the finished product and the lower the output;

The larger and more square the screen hole is, the lower the fineness of the product and the higher the output.

The most common screen hole sizes are 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm.

We can also provide screen hole sizes in the range of 8mm -20mm upon request.

What Is The Difference Between Plastic Crusher And Plastic Shredder?

The main differences between plastic crushers and shredders are the size of the feed hopper and the diameter and speed of the rotor.

The feeding hopper of the crusher is usually smaller than that of the shredder, and the rotor diameter of the crusher is also smaller than that of the shredder.

Therefore, the crusher is suitable for crushing small plastic products, while the shredder is suitable for shredded large and hard plastic products.


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