Horizontal Mixer

Twin Shaft Horizontal Batch Mixers

NICETY Twin Shaft Horizontal Batch Mixer

NICETY Twin Shaft Mixing Series of horizontal mixers provides another alternative to consider when selecting mixing technologies.

The Batch Mixer from NICETY provides agitator-driven ribbons/pails which produce homogeneous mixing with diverse materials in a controlled and symmetrical motion throughout the mixer.

A combination of paddles and fly-through ribbons positioned inside twin agitators provides unsurpassed mixing efficiencies across a wide variety of materials.

Our Twin shaft mixers feature high rotating mixing in combination with end-to-end conveying technology which allows agitated products to achieve longer cycle cycles with improved repeatability.

Twin shaft Batch Mixer Seals

NICETY standard sealing systems are suited to most mixes applications with Twin Shaft batch mixers.

Although they are manufactured for the mixing sector, most of their applications can be customized to your needs, custom designs can also meet your specific requirements.

Twin Shaft Horizontal Batch Mixer Features

N A range of paddles are available and their speed is adapted for flexible mixing of various material types.

The system has high quality and sanitary design and special shaft seals on offer. N Cycle time from 1 minute up to a few m can be arranged in a few minutes.

Continuous processes with large throughput volumes

Continuous Mixing is a highly scalable and efficient mixer designed for large volume continuous processes.

This mixer induces mechanical turbulence or alternately processes aggregates.

Our robust technologies allow for 24/7 uninterrupted operation, 24 hours a year. 

The raw material is supplied through corresponding dispense systems and nozzles. The finished product is discharged continuously through appropriately constructed discharge components. Our continuously mixing machine offers very high throughput rates and excellent backmixing even with a small installation size.

Always the best choice

Various mixing tasks are needed during production. NICETY offers different kinds of mixers. NICETY is a global industry leader with an international reputation for quality and reliability in the plastic industry.

Our mixer is a versatile mixer that is also used in chemical, food, lacquering, paint pigmentation, and cosmetic applications.

Efficient production lines ensuring high availability and reproducible product characteristics are only possible using the most optimal technology and the most precise process that meets the individual product needs.

Horizontal mixer

Horizontal Mixers are widely used products in the plastics, chemicals, and food industries.

They allow frictionless homogenization and temperance (heating and cooling).

The mixer is designed according to customers’ requirements in order to provide maximum product quality and maximum processing performance and has high throughput.

Horizontal mixers

The NICETY mixing machine offers a great solution for the soft homogenization of the material and the processing of solid mixtures, solid-liquid mixtures, pasty mixtures and.

Our scope includes powder mixers and heavy-duty designs. Sometimes small quantities are fed using manually added ingredients.

High abrasive products and other construction materials are processed on a machine protected with welded hard-metal linings inside. Typically used for cooking food products are baking mixes.

Variable processes with frequent product changes

NICETY batch mixer is best for various products. This horizontal mixer produces mechanical turbulence and processes aggregates.

In a two-minute batch time, it can deliver homogeneous mixed products with an extremely low variation coefficient. Years of experience and a large selection of equipment in various sizes, materials, and types are all worth considering.

Batch mixers by NICETY may have different configurations depending on your needs.

High Viscosity Mixers

The Horizontal Paste Mixer from NICETY provides high-speed and efficient operation on high volumes of highly viscose nonflowing materials. This mixer features a triple mix blade with a unique impeller to match the shape of tanks. It helps reduce “deceased” spots. The double rolling action of the blades also prevents the construction of material.


Horizontal paste mixing equipment is ideal for applying adhesives, sealant, paint, caulk, textured surfaces, printing inks, polyester ceramics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other products.

Tests give certainty

Which technologies would best serve your application? Let nothing get left behind. The tests we carry out at test facilities are carried out by you, and we identify a perfect solution for the job for you.

What is a horizontal mixer?

A horizontal mixer is a machine that mixes products by moving beaters in a horizontal direction. In horizontal mixers, the bowls are tilted and non-tilt.


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