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Best 5 Manufacturers For Silo Mixer Machine

Are you wondering how to find a good manufacturer for a silo mixer?

Look no further. This article will help you out.

Whether you are running a small plant and need an order for a silo mixer, or if you are buying for other reasons, choosing the right silo mixer can reduce your costs significantly, and Save a lot of effort and time in after-sales.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best manufacturers of silo mixers. We also have added some frequently asked questions and maintenance tips at the end.

List Of The Best 5 Manufacturer For Silo Mixer

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  • Nicety Machinery Co., Ltd
  • MAI International GmbH
  • M-tec Mathis Technik Gmbh
  • Van Beek Drunen 
  • Achberg GmbH & Co. KG

Nicety Machinery Co., Ltd

Resource : Nicety Machinery

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): China

Year Established: 2005

NICETY was established in China in 2005 and has since become a global manufacturer and supplier of silo mixers. This manufacturer is well suited to manufacture customized silo mixers to meet the different usage scenarios and manufacturing requirements of different customers. In particular, they are very professional in mixing and blending plastic granules.

If you are looking for a professional supplier of silo mixers, you can contact this company without thinking twice and they will support you.

Because of their professional technical engineers, production team and quality inspection team, they ensure that every machine is of the best quality and produced with cost and cost performance in mind.

This company not only produces silo mixers, but also machinery and auxiliary machines for recycling, extrusion and other applications geotechnically specialized for the plastics industry. From the moment you choose to contact them, you can expect top-notch service from this company.

Main products

  • Industry mixer
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Plastic recycling machines
  • Plastic extrusion equipment
  • Various plastic auxiliary machines

MAI International GmbH

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): Austria

Year Established: 1979

MAI International GmbH offers their customers high-quality industrial products in the fields of 3D-concrete printing, foam mortar production, mixing, grouting and conveying technology. MAI® products are sturdy, user-friendly and reliable.

They stand out because of their innovative solutions and helpful cooperation, excellent service, trust, and a qualified and highly motivated team. Because the unique needs of each customer are their biggest priority.

Main products:

  • Grouting equipment for tunnelling and mining
  • Equipment for dry mortar industries
  • Equipment for rendering, plastering and screeding
  • Equipment for the production of foam mortar
  • Machines for 3D-concrete printing

M-tec Mathis Technik Gmbh

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): Germany

Year Established: 1978

Thanks to their roots, they have a deep understanding of industrial premixes and can offer their customers unique expert advice, specialized equipment and engineering capabilities for plant solutions and jobsite processing machinery.

Their innovative technology is also applicable to any kind of fine grain and dry bulk materials. Incidentally, m-tec’s innovations have meant the successful creation of over 100 patents and utility models.

As a respected company, m-tec believes that the fundamental values shared by management and employees are: professional commitment, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and solidarity. In addition, m-tec has developed principles for action such as respect for the law, protection of the environment and worker health and safety to achieve responsible and sustainable growth.

Main products:

  • Special Solution for drilling
  • Engineering
  • 3D-concrete-printing
  • Automotive
  • Interchangeable Silo
  • Bulk Material Handling

Van Beek Drunen 

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): Netherlands

Year Established: 1950

If screw conveyors are not your area of expertise and are demanding, then you need to be able to rely on a company with expertise and a proven track record. van Beek Screw Conveyors has it all. We design, manufacture and sell customer-specific screw conveyors, bulk truck loaders, silo mixers and spiral heat exchangers. We do it all through a team of 50 dedicated and highly skilled employees in our office in Drunen.

Main products:

  • Screw conveyors
  • Bulk truak loaders 
  • Screw heat exchangers
  • Industry mixer

Achberg GmbH & Co. KG

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): Germany

Year Established: 1999

Siloanlagen Achberg GmbH & Co. KG is a family-owned medium-sized company. The company history started in 1999 with the foundation of Siloanlagen Achberg GmbH by Mr. Gerd Maass. As a leanly structured company we are able to produce at low cost even in Germany. The internal ways are short and guarantee flexibility and reaction speed.

Main products:

  • Silo mixer
  • Flexible interior silo
  • Pipe systems
  • Components

What Is A Vertical Silo Mixer?

A vertical silo mixer is a type of industrial mixer that is used to mix materials in a vertical silo. The biggest advantage of using a vertical silo mixer is that it can be used to mix large quantities of materials at once, and it is also very efficient at mixing materials evenly. There are two types of vertical silo mixers:

the spiral mixer and the paddle mixer.

Spiral mixers are the most common type of vertical silo mixer, and they work by slowly turning a screw-shaped blade inside the silo. This action forces the materials down into the center of the silo, where they are mixed together. Spiral mixers are very effective at mixing large quantities of materials quickly and evenly.

VERTICAL Spiral silo mixer
VERTICAL Spiral silo mixer

Paddle mixers are another type of vertical silo mixer, and they work by using paddles to agitate the materials inside the silo. This action also forces the materials down into the center of the silo, where they are mixed together. Paddle mixers are less common than spiral mixers, but they are sometimes used for mixing smaller quantities of materials.

What Materials Can Be Mixed In The Silo Mixer?

The silo mixer can mix a variety of different materials, including:

cement, sand, gravel, paint, starch, flour, dry powders and various plastic granules like: PP PE HDPE TPR TPE Color masterbatch, calcium carbonate granules Etc.

What Factors To Consider When Choosing A Silo Mixer?

VERTICAL Spiral silo mixer
VERTICAL Spiral silo mixer

When choosing a silo mixer, there are several factors you need to consider, including:

the type of materials you will be mixing, the quantity of materials you will be mixing, the size and shape of your silo, and the power source for your mixer. You also need to decide whether you want a spiral mixer or a paddle mixer.

If you are mixing large quantities of materials, or if you need to mix materials quickly and evenly, then a spiral mixer is the best choice. If you are mixing smaller quantities of materials, or if you need more control over the mixing process, then a paddle mixer is the best choice.

VERTICAL Spiral silo mixer
VERTICAL Spiral silo mixer

The size and shape of your silo will also affect your choice of mixer. If you have a small or narrow silo, then a paddle mixer is the best choice. If you have a large or wide silo, then a spiral mixer is the best choice.

The power source for your mixer is another important consideration. Silo mixers can be powered by electric motors, gas engines, or hydraulic motors. If you have a small or medium-sized silo, then an electric motor is the best choice. If you have a large silo, then a gas engine or hydraulic motor is the best choice.


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