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Best 5 Manufacturers For Vertical Batch Mixer

A vertical batch mixer is a piece of equipment that is used to mix two or more substances together. This type of mixer is usually used in industrial settings, and there are many manufacturers who produce them.

In this blog post, we will discuss the five best manufacturers for vertical batch mixers. We will provide information about each company, as well as their products. We hope that this information will help you decide which manufacturer is right for your business!

List of the Best 5 Manufacturer For Vertical Batch Mixer 

Hayes & Stolz Logo

Hayes & Stolz Industrial Manufacturing Co.

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters):  USA

Year Established: 1945

Main Product:

  • Industry mixing
  • Material handling equipment

Nicety Machinery Co., Ltd

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters):  China

Year Established: 2005

Nicety was founded in 2005 in China and has since become a global manufacturer of plastic recycling equipment. This manufacturer is great for manufacturing industry mixers, plastic recycling equipment and plastic auxiliary machines that can be used for storage. You can contact this company without a second thought, and they will have your back. 

Thanks to their quality control and technical engineers, they ensure that each unit is of the best quality and is produced with the environment, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind. This company offers not only vertical batch mixer, but also a wide range of main and auxiliary machines for the plastics recycling industry. From the moment you choose to contact them, you can expect top-notch service from this company.

Products & Services Offered

  • Batch mixer machine
  • Plastic handling equipment
  • Plastic crusher machine
  • Plastic washing line
  • Plastic extrusion line
  • Plastic auxiliary machine
  • OEM & ODM service


Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters):  USA

Year Established: 1916

Main Product:

  • Plastic cooling machines
  • Industry mixer machines
  • Material handling
  • Granulators

Ensign Equipment Inc.

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): USA

Year Established: 1990

Main Product:

  • Mixer machine
  • Screw conveyors
  • Live-bottom storage bins
  • Power hoppers

B&P Littleford 

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): USA

Year Established: 2010

Main Product:

  • Mixing machines
  • Drying machines
  • Compounding machines
  • Centrifugal separation equipment

What Is a Vertical Batch Mixer?

A vertical batch mixer is a type of industrial mixing equipment that is used to mix two or more substances together.

How Does vertical Plastic Mixer Work?

The vertical batch mixer works by using a rotating shaft that is fitted with paddles. The paddles rotate and mix the substances together as they move around the shaft. The rapid rotation of the screw will be the raw material from the bottom of the barrel from the center to the top, and then the umbrella flying scatter, back to the bottom, so that the raw materials in the barrel up and down rolling mixing, a short time can be a large number of raw materials like PP, PE, HDPE, TPR, TPE Etc. evenly mixed.

What Does A Vertical Batch Mixers Look Like?

A vertical batch mixer typically consists of a cylindrical tank that is mounted on a frame. The tank has a set of blades or paddles that are used to mix the substances together. There is also a motor that drives the blades or paddles. The motor can be either electric or pneumatic.

The Takeaway

Now that you know what a vertical mixer is and what good vertical batch mixer manufacturer are, we are sure you can send a request for quotation without any doubt. Usually, you need to tell the mixer manufacturer what material you need to mix and how much output you need, and we believe that these good manufacturers will provide the most reasonable design and quotation for the mixer you need. For more information, please contact NICETY MACHINERY.


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